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Practices For Staying Sober

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One of the most challenging parts about adopting a sober lifestyle is transitioning out of the old one to create a new one. Drinking and drug use becomes a major part of your life. After getting sober, many are surprised

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Can I Drink Kava in Sobriety


Sobriety for most people involves total abstinence. No illicit or illegal substance can be used or abused for mind altering purposes. For some, the idea of giving up mind altering substances entirely is daunting. Sober support group meetings are typically

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Program Spotlight: Aftercare Planning

Surround Yourself - Aftercare Planning - AvalonMalibu.com

One of the most important aspects of overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is to have a plan for your future. Our staff here at Avalon Malibu knows that relapse is a common symptom of addiction and may be encountered months or even years down the road. Learn the benefits planning for aftercare.

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