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Overcoming the Stigma of Therapy as a Man

Overcoming the Stigma of Therapy As a Man

Therapy is one of the mainstays of mental health and addiction treatment programs. For as many mental health conditions that are recognized, there are methods of treatment to alleviate their symptoms. Men tend to be more reluctant to seek help Read More ›

Could I Have a God Complex?

Could I Have a God Complex?

A complex can influence the way you think about yourself and others. The God complex leads you to believe your power is on par with God. This condition is closely related to narcissistic personality disorder, a mental health problem that Read More ›

The Effects of Eating Disorders on Mental Health

The Effects of Eating Disorders on Mental Health

Overcoming any mental health disorder is complex, and eating disorders are no different. Disordered eating affects not only your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well. There are many ways eating disorders can manifest, each with their Read More ›

The Correlation Between Mental Health and Nutrition

Mental and emotional health issues can affect your physical health. Something that is becoming more and more emphasized during the process of healing from mental, emotional, and behavioral health concerns is the mind-body connection between nutrition and mental health. Having Read More ›

Tips to Mute Your Life

Living in zen doesn’t mean you need to stop talking. On the contrary, zen is a state of mind you create within yourself. We think we can’t live without something too often, but if we give ourselves a chance to Read More ›

How to Find Your Perfect Self

Before you strive for perfection, forget perfect. Drop your baggage, leave self-defeating thoughts or people behind, and ready yourself for healing.    Perfection in Imperfection   Okay, perfection in imperfection seems to contradict itself. However, it is in your imperfection Read More ›

Flip the Script on Anger

controlling anger

Anger is a natural response to some situations. For example, in the heat of a stressful or hurtful moment, we can use our anger to endure what we are experiencing. However, uncontrolled anger is destructive for your physical and mental Read More ›

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