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Recognizing and Treating Polysubstance Abuse


It is common for those who use substances to use more than one at a time, known as polysubstance abuse. Treatment for multiple substances is more tedious than treating addiction to a single, particular drug. However, there are many techniques

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What Are Co-occurring Disorders?


Research suggests that both acute and prolonged use of drugs can affect a person’s brain responses. Some substances can exacerbate an already existing mental disorder. For instance, in people with a genetic disposition towards psychosis, using marijuana increases the chance

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Why EMDR is Beneficial for Trauma

Eye desensitized

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is often used to treat PTSD and other forms of trauma. EMDR focuses on the process of memory recall. During EMDR sessions, you relive traumatic or triggering experiences in small doses while the

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How Psychodrama Helps People in Recovery

the benefits of psychodrama

To better understand the concept of psychodrama, let’s start by breaking down the word itself. The word “psycho” derives from the Greek psyche, which means heart, mind, soul, and spirit, while “drama”, which is also derived from Greek, refers to

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Tips for Success in Telehealth

journaling to maintain routine during pandemic

The events of recent months have caused many health services to transition to telehealth, or appointment by phone. While speaking to your medical professional on the phone may seem impersonal, it is important to keep your appointments. Your health is

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How to Manage Your Anger

Learning techniques to cope with anger

There are many reasons why you may feel angry while in recovery. You may judge yourself harshly, you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms, or you may just feel overwhelmed. Effectively dealing with your anger is important for recovery. Ignoring feelings

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Creating Balance From Chaos

Finding balance in chaos

Whether dealing with addiction or mental health disorders, maintaining balance is crucial in attaining wellness. Both drugs and mental health issues can cause people to display erratic behavior or suffer from mood swings. This conduct leads to the feeling of

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