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What Detaching With Love Teaches Us

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In recovering from codependency, detaching with love is the central pillar to finding healing for yourself. The principle of detaching with love is not just limited to use by codependents; its message can be translated and used by anyone in

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Pride Month Mental Health Check-In

Rainbow pride flag flying in the daytime breeze.

June marks the celebration of Pride Month, and it is a time meant to celebrate and recognize the equal rights and opportunities of LGBTQ individuals. It serves to negate any stigma or discrimination against the LGBTQ community and instead brings

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The Impact of Cleaning Your Room on Your Mental Health

Simple living room interior

Decluttering, organizing, making your bed, and keeping a clean living space seem unrelated to your mental health, but all of these things positively affect your mental state. Using these simple cleaning practices to give yourself an easy win every day

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When Ambition Becomes Toxic

Businessman flying through the park

Being ambitious is a useful character trait to possess when it comes to achieving your goals or advancing in your career. However, even a good thing can get out of balance and wreak havoc in your life if kept unchecked.

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Identifying the Language of Depression


Depression has a way of rewiring how a person operates, from their eating and sleeping habits to their activity level and how they communicate with others. Sometimes people struggling with their mental health may be discreet in hiding their depression

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How To Help Someone Who Doesn’t Want Help

Happy couple

You can feel helpless watching a loved one struggle with an addiction or poor mental health as they refuse to seek the proper help. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to try to fix their problems yourself instead

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