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The Unique Benefits of Art Therapy

The Unique Benefits of Art Therapy

Learning about different types of therapy can help you ensure you’re on the right treatment path. Broad knowledge gives you the confidence that you’re making informed decisions about your mental health. If you’re curious about alternative treatment options, Avalon Malibu Read More ›

Art Therapy in Recovery

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Like music, art is very subjective, making it unique to each individual. Experiencing art is personal, and different pieces or styles of art elicit different responses, depending on the person. The practices of tapping into creativity and connecting to emotions Read More ›

Expressive Arts Therapy

Many people struggle with feeling anxious or depressed or angry, and they find it hard to talk about it. For many previous generations, it’s been a challenge to talk about feelings because we’re told to suppress it and hold it Read More ›

How Does Art Therapy Help?

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“I paint the way some people write an autobiography. The paintings, finished or not, are the pages from my diary.” – Pablo Picasso According to the American Art Therapy Association, “art therapy is an integrative mental health and human services Read More ›

Why Is Art Therapy Used In Treatment?


Mental health disorders can be considered fatal. For example, anorexia nervosa is considered the “deadliest” mental health disorder. Substance use disorders are also considered deadly as they are relapsing and remitting diseases which include the use of chemical substances which Read More ›

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