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Cultivating Peace in Relation to Your Body Image

woman doing yoga

Whether you are struggling with an active eating disorder, disordered eating, or negative body image, cultivating peace surrounding your body image is an important cornerstone of experiencing wellness. Learning what it means to have an accepting, compassionate, and trusting relationship Read More ›

Tips to Mute Your Life

Living in zen doesn’t mean you need to stop talking. On the contrary, zen is a state of mind you create within yourself. We think we can’t live without something too often, but if we give ourselves a chance to Read More ›

Breaking Down Wellness and Betterment

Diverse people in a supporting group session

The idea of treating addiction, mental health issues, or dual-diagnosis by addressing both dimensions in one’s recovery plan often includes having each individual make key changes for their own wellness or betterment. However, the terms “wellness” and “betterment” are often Read More ›

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