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The Value of Didactic Groups

Your personal experiences with addiction are unlike anyone else’s, which we, at Avalon Malibu, understand. For that reason, it’s essential that you receive treatment tailored to who you are and what you value. Your time in recovery must also address your particular addiction or mental health issue as well as the specific ways it affects you.

We utilize various models of psychotherapy to promote the discussion of personal issues and find solutions to the many problems you may be facing. Depending on your unique circumstance, you may participate in didactic groups — a therapeutic modality focused on creating dialog and solving problems.

Group therapy is often useful for many individuals struggling with addiction or a mental health issue, but didactic therapy focuses less on the atmosphere that a group setting can create and instead attempts to help you overcome challenges that you might face now or in the future. Whereas conventional group therapy invites open dialog and emotional response, didactic groups are more pragmatic and encourage members to identify problems in life that could lead to harmful behaviors later on.

Didactic groups exercise problem-solving skills, which is highly beneficial if you are at risk for relapse. As a short-term therapeutic solution, what you learn in didactic therapy can easily be applied to life outside of recovery when you are forced to reckon with the chaotic nature of the world.

Setting the Stage for Lifelong Recovery

Didactic groups are comprised of you, your peers and a therapist or doctor who directs the conversation. Your therapist may present a problem or challenge and allow each person in the room to divulge how they would address it. The conversation may also turn to the adverse effects associated with various drugs, whether they happen immediately or later on in life.

Didactic therapy takes on an educational approach that couples with a therapeutic model. The belief is that by helping you understand the particular impact that drugs or unhealthy behaviors can have on you and your lifestyle, you will gain comprehensive knowledge about how our treatment will benefit you. More importantly, you will acquire tools that allow you to analyze your surroundings and identify risk-taking behavior.

Find Your Personal Motivation

Many of the clients we take in at Avalon Malibu come to us with a poor self-image and a broken spirit; however, recovery is only possible when you believe in your worth and find the energy to complete treatment. Coming to a place of personal achievement and self-acceptance is a gradual process, but didactic group therapy can be one of the first steps you take.

When you understand your addiction or mental health problem you can easily comprehend how treatment will help you, which will, in turn, become your motivation to stay sober. Rather than condemn your past behaviors, didactic therapy will allow you to consider them from an informed point of view.

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