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Making Your Willpower Contagious In Treatment

Woman jumping with joy on her bed

Your body and mind respond to situations and circumstances, but you can use willpower to mold your choices. Willpower is highly contagious, especially in treatment and especially when it creates positive results. Many people understand that by using your strength

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Ways of Releasing Trauma From the Body

Elderly caucasian woman covering her face

Trauma has a way of affecting us in not just an emotional sense but also our physical bodies. Because of its effects on the brain, our mental and physical functioning will change due to trauma. Although trauma can alter our

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How Recovery Can Seem as Vast as the Sea

Man walking beach in Tel Aviv-Yafo with sunset reflecting over ocean

When jumping into the ocean of recovery, you are not expected to know how to swim right away. You may feel terrified of the waves when looking upon recovery and fear drowning. Fortunately, recovery is your lifeboat. The experience of

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Rebuilding Your Metabolism After Addiction

illustration of healthy diet foods

Replenishing nutrition and boosting metabolism after neglecting your body during addiction is part of the addiction recovery process. When you establish a healthy eating pattern, you allow your brain and body to get properly nourished. This boosts your recovery goals

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Positive Reinforcement Through Addiction Recovery

Creative friends having coffee together at home

Sometimes we unintentionally reinforce good and bad behaviors in people. Those that struggle with addiction can use positive reinforcement to help them change for the better. Understanding Positive Reinforcement Relationships and habits can reinforce specific behaviors. Both sides of the

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Using the Right Resources in Recovery to Fight Old Habits

Muscular male boxer with the red boxing gloves

Handling stress in addiction recovery revolves around fighting old habits. You’re likely to have already established a few new habits toward your recovery. However, to prevent yourself from repeating previous stress reactions, you need to know how to use the

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