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Making Your Willpower Contagious In Treatment

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Your body and mind respond to situations and circumstances, but you can use willpower to mold your choices. Willpower is highly contagious, especially in treatment and especially when it creates positive results. Many people understand that by using your strength

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Breaking Down Wellness and Betterment

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The idea of treating addiction, mental health issues, or dual-diagnosis by addressing both dimensions in one’s recovery plan often includes having each individual make key changes for their own wellness or betterment. However, the terms “wellness” and “betterment” are often

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Find Your Way of Giving Back

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Recovery is a lifelong journey that involves many people and services, from dedicated supports and established recovery programs to interconnected peers working towards their own sober goals. Moving through each phase of recovery is a test on its own, and

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Quitting Drugs Cold Turkey—Is It Safe?


Once you’ve made the conscious decision to quit using drugs or alcohol, you may decide to begin abstaining right then and there and without outside help. This method of quitting drugs and/or alcohol is commonly referred to as “quitting cold

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What it Means to Commit to Recovery


Recovery is a transformative experience where each person can set future goals and discover new practices that can lead to a new, sober lifestyle. However, recovery is challenging and requires a great deal of commitment.  Nothing about overcoming an addiction

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The Role Trauma Plays in Addiction


Trauma is defined in many different ways depending on the objective of the definition. It has been described as merely a disturbing or distressing event or as in-depth as emotional and psychological trauma resulting from extraordinarily stressful events that shatter

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Acupuncture & Addiction


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine healing modality that is well known for its healing properties as a holistic practice and has been scientifically proven to aid in healing a variety of illnesses and disorders. Thin needles are used to

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Tips for Recovery Using Evidence-Based Self-Care

Tips for Recovery Using Evidence-Based Self-Care

Self-care is very important in recovering from addiction. Self-care does not replace clinical treatment, it promotes motivation for a successful recovery. While caught in the throes of addiction, we neglect ourselves. The simplest changes can be stepping stones towards success.

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