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The Twelve Steps Explained

higher power

12-Step programs help individuals struggling with addiction and help change their negative beliefs. In recovery, it is essential to create a framework that allows you to shift your perception about yourself into a positive perspective. When you discover the good Read More ›

What Are 12-Step Programs?

The traditional 12-Step Program finds its origins from the very well known Alcoholics Anonymous program, or AA, which has been hailed as the standard for recovery from nearly any type of addiction. The Alcoholics Anonymous model of 12 steps and Read More ›

Higher Power

Higher Power

When some of us hear the word God, we immediately experience a split second of judgment. We either determine that the word is good or bad. For some of us it has to do with how we were raised. We Read More ›

A Recovery Reading List

Reading about addiction and recovery can be a helpful way to get educated and feel less alone. Here are a few recommendations. Reading good books in recovery is a healthy habit and a great way to feel mentally stimulated. There Read More ›

The importance of Step 4 in recovery.

One Step AT A Time blocks

Step 4 of the twelve steps involves making a fearless and moral inventory of ourselves.  Sounds simple enough. However, Step 4 asks the recovering addict or alcoholic to take a hard look at themselves and their addiction.  Many do not Read More ›

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