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Rewriting the Story You Tell Yourself

Rewriting the Story Your Tell Yourself

The stories you tell yourself can either empower or oppress you. They can either lead you closer to your goals and desired reality, or further away from them. Recovery is an intentional time that asks you to rewire your mind Read More ›

Softening the Weight of Anxiety

Softening the Weight of Anxiety

Anxiety can feel like a blanket, only instead of comforting you, it suffocates you. It can feel heavy, dark, isolating, and can leave you wondering if it will ever leave. Although anxiety may feel like it is consuming your life, Read More ›

The Power of Allowance

The Power of Allowance

Allowance is the amount to which you permit something into your experience. In the absence of allowance, you may find yourself meeting resistance and feeling stuck physically, relationally, emotionally, or spiritually. Noting What You Are Resisting To have allowance, you Read More ›

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety can get in the way of being able to feel calm and at peace in everyday life, even when there is not anything “wrong.” Many symptoms of anxiety are emotional and psychological, but they can also manifest as somatic Read More ›

How to Recenter After Spiraling With Anxiety

Anxiety can be a normal human response to stress. However, suppose anxiety begins to impact your ability to cope with stress and manage day-to-day activities. In that case, you could be living with generalized anxiety disorder, which one of our Read More ›

The Dangers of Dependent Disorder

Anxiety Depression

Dependent disorder is a kind of personality disorder that greatly impacts your way of thinking and daily life. The feelings of anxiety can feel overwhelming as a result of the disorder. However, it is still possible to address and overcome Read More ›

Leaning Into Anxiety as the Pathway to Freedom

Living with anxiety can cause physical and emotional discomfort. The combination of uncontrollable thoughts, intense worry, and physical symptoms — like a fast heartbeat or dizziness — can create even more stress for those struggling with anxiety disorders. If you Read More ›

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