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Avalon Malibu: Our Philosophy for Your Recovery

The Avalon Malibu tools for recovery practice was established to assist clients in developing a framework for healing and self-discovery.

Our philosophy for recovery is to help the client to regain balance and choice in their life. It is a living, flexible, evolving practice tailored to the specific recovery needs of every individual. The clinical staff at Avalon Malibu developed this practice as part of our world-renowned recovery treatment that focuses on the connection of mind, body and spirit.

Avalon Malibu seeks to soothe psychological suffering for clients living with daily traumatic responses, anxiety disorders, and various addictions. At its core, our philosophy is simple: to provide cutting-edge clinical recovery treatment through the mindful practice of experiential therapy and psychotherapy. We hope to build conscious living through mindful interactions and create a stepping stone for joy and the freedom that emerges with awareness and engagement in the present moment. Led by staff members who model healthy, mindful and positive lives, our group activities and natural excursions allow clients to explore themselves, engage with peers, and reaffirm the healing process.

Avalon Malibu Presents Tools for Recovery:

Integrative therapies: Includes Chinese medicine, herbs, nutrition, neurofeedback, Ayurveda, amino acid nutraceutical therapies, and nutritional support.

Mindfulness practices: Includes mindful meditation, yoga, qi gong and breathing techniques.

Trauma resolution therapies: May include eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), expressive and somatic therapies, and holotropic breath work.

Experiential therapies: May include psychodrama, ocean activities, ropes courses, art therapy, and other forms of experiential therapy.

Family therapy: Includes patient-family interaction, an evolving legacy.

Cognitive behavioral and dialectic behavioral therapies: Includes both individual and group settings.

Psychoeducational skills: Includes psychoeducational training groups.

Spiritual practices and principles: Includes 12-step programs, world contemplative traditions, teachings from “The Four Agreements,” and Self Management and Recovery Training (SMART Recovery).

Healing environment: Includes an understanding of nature versus nurture.

Narrative Medicine: Integrates brain function in finding new meaning in the story of life.

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