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Holistic Approach

It wasn’t very long ago that conventional Western medicine was, by and large, ignorant of the benefits of a holistic approach to treating both physical and psychological issues. Fortunately, today’s medical and psychological practitioners have learned to embrace a wide range of approaches to addiction and other disorders. At Avalon Malibu, our clients can be assured that every useful approach for their treatment is considered, and that each client will undergo a course of treatment that has been specifically designed to meet his or her individual needs.

Yoga may be more useful to some clients than attending a 12-step meeting. Acupuncture and massage may address body issues that support the persistence of addictions, allowing the client to relieve those issues and focus on behavioral changes. Some may benefit greatly from anger management classes, while others will find enlightenment through qigong. The latest advances in pharmacotherapy might be combined with the ancient practice of yoga to calm an anxiety disorder. Art therapy might open doors that lead to more productive sessions of conventional counseling.

Avalon Malibu’s Holistic Approach

Avalon Malibu is committed to finding the best possible combination of resources for each client, using a wide-ranging array of holistic modalities. We take pride that our highly-trained, professional staff is diverse and understanding, representing a variety of specialties. We are also proud of the devotion to communication between staff members, who continually consult with each other to ensure that each client is getting the absolute best care possible.

At Avalon Malibu, you don’t have to choose a particular approach to recovery. Unlike facilities that focus narrowly on 12-step programs, a pharmacological approach, an Eastern mindfulness model or some other singular methodology, we offer a tailor-made treatment plan that combines all the elements you need, while wasting none of your precious treatment time on approaches that aren’t useful in your individual case.

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