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Avalon Malibu Admissions

Taking these first steps toward recovery treatment can be emotionally and mentally draining. At Avalon Malibu, we have designed our admissions process to remove the stress often associated with finding and obtaining treatment. With specialists in virtually every discipline, our staff compassionately guides each new client through the necessary steps to facilitate – and expedite – their healing journey at Avalon Malibu.

Comprehensive Consultations and Assessment

From the moment prospective clients reach out to us, our foremost goal is to provide them with the most effective and appropriate therapy available. Our addiction specialists team up with our clients to mobilize treatment, carefully gathering information, working with insurance companies to maximize coverage, and providing intervention referrals whenever necessary.

In-Depth Diagnostics and Treatment Planning

Our core principle of mindfulness extends to the customized treatment plans we create for each client. Prior to treatment, representatives from each discipline meet with clients to listen to their personal stories, obtain a medical and mental health history, and provide diagnostic testing to lay the groundwork for expert treatment. Each client’s case is reviewed carefully so that we can best create a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. At Avalon Malibu, each client’s treatment plan includes hand-selected therapies integrated into holistic approaches to ensure the most positive therapeutic outcomes.

Our Streamlined Intake Process

From the moment they arrive, clients step into a dedicated healing space, where the natural landscape creates the perfect backdrop for a somatic experience. Using this same philosophy of acceptance and care, intake specialists lead clients through necessary paperwork, provide a comprehensive welcome package, answer questions, and offer a guided tour of the grounds. Staff members take clients to their assigned rooms for a brief respite before embarking on the healing process.

Affordable, Accessible Treatment

At Avalon Malibu, we believe that every client should have access to the healing they deserve. Our trained financial coordinators can guide families and clients through insurance details, substance abuse coverage, and ancillary outpatient services covered under individual policies. With dedicated specialists to help foster understanding and streamline admissions, we work with each client to make transformative treatment financially viable.

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