Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

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Label Yourself Properly

Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) establishes techniques that attempt to increase motivation to change one’s life. Clients clarify their beliefs to have better focus, clearer vision, and more confidence in their decision making. Avalon Malibu therapists use MET for the treatment of addiction and substance abuse, enhancing the power of self-control and promoting a willingness to change. Motivational enhancement therapy is a very useful tool for gaining self-esteem and control over unhealthy and unwanted behaviors.

Unfortunately, people who abuse drugs or alcohol may come to embrace the label of “addict.” They may not want to be addicts, and they may have a distant memory of what life was like before drug use began. Avalon Malibu will use MET to help clients to address the pain in their lives and allow healing to begin. When used correctly in residential treatment programs, motivational enhancement therapy can help people stop their substance abuse altogether.

With our specific, MET-focused treatment, people can find new labels for their lives, and they may even develop new identities in the process. Motivational enhancement therapy is based on the idea that those who have addictions or mental illnesses may have a deep-seated wish to change their lives for the better. With that conviction, Avalon Malibu therapists are specifically trained to help the client’s own decision, to make this meaningful change in self-perception.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) Integrated Into Residential Treatment

Avalon Malibu therapists initially provide feedback through stimulating discussions about the client’s personal substance abuse problem, while assessing and strengthening motivation and building a plan for change. Strategies for coping with high-risk situations are suggested, and therapists continue to encourage a commitment to sustained abstinence. The counseling techniques integrated into our residential treatment program will help individuals resolve their ambivalence, and healing can only occur when the client is willing to take the initiative. Partners and family members can be encouraged to participate in supporting the client as well.

Reluctance to Engage in Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

Reluctant clients sometimes lack knowledge about the problem or impact that substance abuse and addiction can have on themselves and their loved ones. They do not consider change necessary, and they often respond negatively to sensitive feedback about how substance abuse is truly affecting their lives.

Engaging a client who is reluctant to participate can be a challenge; however, we have been able to find creative ways and resources to assist in our client’s needs. The environment of our facilities at Avalon Malibu helps in the relaxation process and allows our clients the safe environment to open up more fully.

The use of motivational enhancement therapy helps clients to advance their own agendas and set their own goals. People tend to play the “devil’s advocate,” where one person expresses a viewpoint, and others tend to oppose that view naturally. Our staff listens carefully and then asks questions about the use of the addiction, pointing out its pros and cons. Through this technique, clients should increase their motivation for stopping the abusive behavior by developing reasons for change and establishing a recovery plan.

What Should Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) Accomplish?

Motivational enhancement therapy should help clients create a personal plan to end substance abuse. Avalon Malibu’s staff members help to identify the behavior which leads to the addiction, and they help clients regain hope and optimism about their capacity to change. Our well-trained staff also helps clients explore the specific barriers which impede their new beginnings. If clients can use motivational enhancement therapy to participate in setting their own goals and motivation for the healing process, they can finally achieve success in changing their destructive behaviors.

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