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Alcohol Treatment Center and Rehab in Malibu

When you choose to seek the help of an alcohol addiction treatment center, Avalon Malibu is here to make the difficult decision easier. Our doors are open to those seeking a constructive and supportive recovery environment; our wide range of treatment possibilities can be your gateway to a better life and long-lasting recovery.

Entering an alcohol treatment center can be frightening. It is a major life change, but is one that is necessary for recovery to be possible. At Avalon Malibu, we strive to make the journey a positive and life-affirming choice, where individuals gain important new tools for living a victorious life free from alcohol abuse and addiction.

Those who seek an alcohol treatment center have usually been abusing a substance — drugs or alcohol — for a sustained period of time. They have endured the cycle of addiction many times over, swinging from feeling good to episodes of depression or withdrawal on a regular basis. By the time they arrive at Avalon Malibu, most people with alcohol use disorders understand that their long-term recovery will be a gradual process and a lifelong commitment.

The Treatment Process at Avalon Malibu

When a client first arrives at the alcohol treatment programs at Avalon Malibu, they are assessed and placed into detox. This is the first and often most difficult step of alcohol treatment, where clients are closely monitored by medical professionals while their minds and bodies adjust to life without alcohol. Uncomfortable and painful physical and psychological symptoms often occur during this phase, since long-term alcohol use alters your body’s natural processes until you become dependent on it to feel normal. In many cases, medications are prescribed initially to control symptoms of alcohol abuse and addiction and alleviate discomfort associated with withdrawal. At Avalon Malibu, we also focus on helping you heal through natural means like a nutritious diet and exercise routine — we know that these methods are more sustainable than medication, and we aim to equip our clients with long-lasting tools rather than short-term solutions.

Following detox, our clients can transition into our residential recovery treatment at The Cottage House, our comfortable and community-oriented alcohol treatment facility. Our residential program focuses on rebuilding your health, your strength and your support system, preparing you to return to sober life outside our walls. We understand that the effects of alcohol on your mind and body take time and healthy habits to fully heal. The goal of the treatment process at Avalon Malibu is to give you the tools you need to thrive substance-free in day-to-day life.

Teaching New Ways of Living

Alcoholism depletes mental and physical health, creating unhealthy coping mechanisms and other unproductive habits. As self-care is neglected, those who struggle with addiction often forget to eat well and fill their body with harmful substances. Nutritional deficiencies compound into mental illness, affecting memory, energy, motivation and happiness.

At Avalon Malibu, we strive to each our clients new, sustainable ways of healthy living. We offer nutritional support to restore and replenish the vitamins and minerals our clients’ bodies needs to function properly. We encourage physical exercise and mentally stimulating activities, helping replace old harmful habits with new healthy ones. These steps establish techniques our clients can use during their recovery and beyond, giving them the ability to combat cravings and promote emotional well-being now and in the future.

In short, we teach our clients how to take better care of themselves. We are committed to each client’s recovery and to helping them build a strong support network. We also offer long-term care for when our clients leave our programs through our far-reaching referral network of therapists and counselors. When you come to Avalon Malibu’s Cottage House for detox and alcoholism treatment, we focus on your long-term wellness; ensuring that your healing continues beyond the detox phase, into your daily residential treatment with us and into your lifelong recovery.

Therapies for Alcohol Recovery

At Avalon Malibu, we offer a range of clinically effective therapies guided by our expert licensed therapist assisted by the rest of our staff. We offer group psychotherapy as well as one-on-one therapy for alcoholism treatment. In both of these, clients can learn how to share their experiences, see their behaviors objectively and deal with stress in a healthy way — without using alcohol. Avalon Malibu combines the approach of the 12 Step program with our own addiction and substance abuse therapies.

In our programs, clients are seen in individual therapy at least three times per week and work intensively with their therapists to examine factors contributing to their particular distress. We provide tools and support for exercising, meditating and practicing relaxation techniques that build a successful recovery. Group therapy, family therapy and other special programs are offered as they fit our clients’ and therapists’ schedules.

Our Residential Addiction Treatment Center in Malibu

The alcohol treatment center at Avalon Malibu is located in The Cottage House, our comfortable and secure addiction treatment facility. Here, we begin to teach our clients new ways of healthy living. We work to expose and destroy old patterns that do not serve their sober lifestyle, while building new coping mechanisms and behaviors that inspire life and affirm positive actions. This residential phase of recovery helps the client learn how to combat social pressure to drink, how to fill their time with healthy, substance-free activities and how to live and work alongside others. The Cottage House provides a sober living experience with direct, onsite access to therapy and other healthcare needs.

Co-Occurring or Dual Diagnosis

Many clients who arrive at Avalon Malibu’s alcohol treatment programs are also diagnosed with a co-occurring issue. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, approximately 25 percent of alcoholics and 50 percent of those addicted to drugs will also be diagnosed with a mental health condition like depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. Due to the prevalence of these dual diagnoses, some treatment programs, including Avalon Malibu, offer multi-dimensional therapy for clients suffering from both alcohol addiction and mental illness. At Avalon Malibu, we specialize in treating multiple conditions simultaneously and offer therapeutic interventions founded on the evidence-based principles of mindfulness, present time awareness, acceptance, investigation and change. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) combined with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) form the basis of our educational and therapeutic model for our dual diagnosis clients.

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Alcohol treatment at Avalon Malibu is centered around whole healing, addressing both mental and physical illnesses and giving our clients the strength they need to take on the world every day, substance-free. Here, we strive to find what makes each client better able to enjoy life. We are invested in each client’s success and in the Avalon Malibu community at large. We help each person stay motivated and on track in their recovery while they are in our residential programs and beyond.

If you or your loved one is ready to commit to residential treatment and rehabilitation for their addiction to alcohol, we encourage you to reach out today to learn more about our programs. Our beautiful, peaceful location in Malibu, California allows our clients to feel relaxed and rejuvenated while they take their first steps toward lifelong sobriety. Call us at 1-855-423-3831 to speak with our alcohol addiction specialists and our admissions team to learn more.

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