Ropes Course (Seasonal)

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Rope Course

Many of the treatment programs at Avalon Malibu prepare you for specific challenges that you may face both inside and outside of recovery. While understanding your environment and learning how to confront personal issues are vital for successful rehabilitation, you may also benefit from hands-on experiences that promote personal development such as improved self-esteem.

Treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders should not be without fun and innovation, and because you are located in the beautiful beach side of Malibu California, you are in an ideal space to absorb your peaceful surroundings while engaging in enriching actives.

Experiencing pleasure can help you escape, even for just a moment, the burden of an unbalanced spirit and improve the confidence you have in yourself. During specific times of the year, we encourage participation in our ropes course, which provides a challenging yet enjoyable outdoor exercise for those involved.

The Ropes Course Also Invites:

Each of these developments occurs while you enjoy the beautiful outdoors and feel a genuine sense of relief from any pressures you are facing. You will experience mental, physical and emotional challenges but become liberated as you continue to enjoy this outdoor experience. Personal achievement plays a large part in rehabilitation, whether you are in residential treatment or an intensive outpatient program, and the ropes course is just one example of how you can become actively involved in self-development

  • Leadership skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Enhanced communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive risk-taking
  • Improved trust

Prioritizing Your Safety

Each treatment modality offered at Avalon Malibu uses the highest quality of resources to ensure you remain comfortable and cared for. Our ropes course abides by industry standards and is carried out by certified and experienced professionals. Equipment is inspected and regularly maintained so that you have the most beneficial and therapeutic experience during your recovery.

Ropes course therapy can be a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved. To learn more about the physical therapeutic exercises offered at Avalon Malibu along with any other treatment programs we have available, please contact 888-958-7511 to speak with a member of our team.

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