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Avalon Malibu is committed to excellence in residential treatment and offers the most advanced treatment modalities. We lead the way in addiction recovery and mental health treatment, and our patients have experienced the quality that only our programs can provide. We are proud of our methods and the ability to share them with our select patients. With our vision for exceptional practice, therapies, and programs, we lead the industry in a new direction of advancement and innovation. One example of this innovation is our Yoga Therapy program. We are enthusiastic to offer and utilize yoga as a conscious living choice that helps you channel your energy in a positive and constructive way.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga is best known as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. Incorporating breath control, simple meditation, and specific body postures, yoga opens physical pathways to flexibility in the body and removes mental and emotional blocks. Yoga is intended for overall health and relaxation of the individual, especially for people recovering from addiction.

The word yoga means union. This union is of the individual consciousness or soul alongside a Universal Consciousness or what is called the Spirit. People may consider yoga only as a physical exercise with poses that challenge the limits of flexibility. The variety of yoga postures is collectively deemed asanas. Yoga has gained widespread popularity, and the profound science of yoga is now, more than ever, unfolding the infinite potential of the human body and mind.

Yoga incorporates meditation and movement together with balance and breath. There are various paths you can assume in yoga that lead toward this goal, and each one is a specialized branch of one comprehensive system. There are varying styles and types of yoga; all styles are purposefully applied to connect spirit, mind, and body.

The most effective approach to yoga employs methods of meditation that deal directly with energy and consciousness.

To help You Become Familiar With Yoga, We Will Introduce You to a Few Modern Yoga Practice Styles That Are Listed Below:

Hatha is one of the most popular yoga practices today. It is a system of physical postures, or asanas, whose higher purpose is to purify the body, giving one awareness and control over internal states and rendering one fit for meditation.

Karma yoga values selfless service to others as part of one’s larger self. The exercise includes meditation without attachment to results.

Mantra yoga is a practice centering the consciousness within, through repetition of certain universal root-word sounds representing a particular aspect of Spirit.

Bhakti yoga is the method where, through surrender and devotion, one strives to see and love divinity in every creature and in everything, thus maintaining an unceasing worship.

Is Yoga Therapy for Everyone?

Yoga can benefit everyone no matter how young or old. At Avalon Malibu, we impart the importance of listening to your body and attuning your goals into achievable actions and results. We never encourage you to practice yoga if you encounter discomfort. We encourage you to embrace your own path at your own personal level of experience and comfort.

Who Leads the Yoga Therapy at Avalon Malibu?

We have specially trained yoga instructors who understand the practice of yoga and our clients’ specific needs. Well-being is key to helping you break the cycle of addiction in your life. We have evidence that there is a place beyond addiction even for serious addicts and alcoholics. It is possible to heal fully and transcend addiction altogether. It requires patience, diligence, an openness of mind and a willingness to experience new ways of being. Yoga incorporates integration of the body, mind, and spirit, working to alleviate the terrible feelings of being stuck and feeling overwhelmed. Yoga can help you unite movement, breath, and intention in action.

Learn More about Our Methods

Incorporating yoga into your daily practice will improve your physical health, emotional well-being and make you feel strong and remain abstinent. Call Avalon Malibu and find out how you can get involved in a higher level of addiction treatment at 888-958-7511.

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