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Although Avalon Malibu is just one treatment center, we take in many individuals from all walks of life. Part of our treatment philosophy embodies our ability to embrace the unique experiences you have faced, which ultimately determines how you will approach treatment here with us.

No part of the treatment programs we offer is designed in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Rather, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft treatment plans that align with your interests and particular needs, both physically and emotionally. When you can participate in programs that emphasize your value and peak your interest, it is likely that you will find life-long stability with your health and sobriety.

We assess each of our clients individually during an evaluation that aims to understand your psychological, nutritional and medicinal needs, and we design your particular program to help you manage stress, identify triggers, understand behaviors and emotions, find stabilization and renew your sense of well being.

To help you gain a sense of freedom, we offer the following treatment programs:

Non-medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox

If you have been combating drug and alcohol addiction for some years, it’s recommended that you undergo a supervised detoxification process to rid your body of the toxins that have built up over time. One of the most prominent side effects of drug and alcohol abuse is your body’s ability to develop a tolerance for and dependence upon certain substances, forcing you to increase dosages to maintain the desired effect. Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol in solitude can be painful and potentially life-threatening, which is why we suggest that you receive personal assistance during detoxification to ensure your comfort and safety.

By addressing your individual concerns, our counselors can choose specific methodologies that help ease the intensity of detox. We want to make the process as comfortable as possible so that you feel safe and supported during your time of need. Detoxification is one of the first steps you will take to achieving sobriety, and once completed you can transition into therapeutic rehabilitation.

Therapeutic Residential Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

It’s essential to eliminate toxins from your body before beginning residential treatment in any form. Without the detoxification process, your body will still crave the substances that compromised your wellbeing and render any additional treatment unsuccessful; however, once you have withdrawn from drugs and alcohol completely, you can participate in residential treatment.

Based on your personal evaluation, the staff at Avalon Malibu will help you choose essential therapies that will align with your value system and help you uncover the causes of your addiction. If a co-occurring disorder is present, you will take part in psychotherapeutic treatments that help you understand your emotional balance. Combining the treatments of both addiction and mental health concerns will allow you to find specific coping mechanisms that maintain sobriety.

Residential treatment offers the support and accountability needed to focus on your body and mind without drugs and alcohol. Located in a peaceful and luxurious setting, residential treatment provides around-the-clock support during holistic treatment.

Aftercare Addiction Treatment

Equally important as residential treatment is aftercare addiction treatment that assists you in the transition toward normalcy. It’s often the case that many clients are unsure how to continue their rehabilitation outside of a treatment facility that gave them personalized care and attention. The jarring nature of a somewhat chaotic world can lead to relapse if the proper tools are not put into place beforehand.

To ensure that you continue to receive the structure and support that you need at home, we offer aftercare addiction programs that affirm your sobriety and open channels of communication. As with your individualized treatment plan, your aftercare program will be designed specifically for your needs outside of treatment so that you feel an extended sense of relief and freedom as you make your way toward ultimate fulfillment.

To learn how you can benefit from individualized treatment planning for drug abuse and co-occurring disorders, contact Avalon Malibu at 888-958-7511 for a confidential assessment.

Aftercare Addiction Treatment at Avalon Malibu

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