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Harnessing Your Truth Through Aquatic Therapy

Avalon Malibu’s oceanfront property provides a natural space for healing through the sea. As one of the Earth’s most powerful and expansive elements, the ocean creates therapeutic inspiration for healing and enlightenment during addiction and mental health treatment.

Under the supervision of an experienced and licensed therapist, you can engage your mind, body, and spirit by way of the water’s natural current.

As its name suggests, aqua therapy takes place in the water and focuses on the personal injuries and traumatic life experiences that have negatively impacted you and led to subsequent mental deterioration or drug abuse. Aqua therapy takes the energy you have harbored throughout your life and uses it to propel your mind and spirit into a realm of freedom and sobriety.

During your therapy sessions, you may practice several aquatic activities that each engage various parts of your being. By eliminating the use of weights, you are encouraged to use your body as a tool for strength and endurance.

Some of the Schools of Aquatic Therapy That We Practice Include:

Ai Chi: A water exercise devoted to breathing techniques and resistance training that builds both internal and external strength. You are also instructed to enjoy the flow of the water as a method of relaxation.

Aquatic PNF: A series of movements that your therapist instructs you to complete. Exercises may include spiral, diagonal or mass movements that you perform by sitting, kneeling, standing on lying in the water.

Bad Ragaz Ring Method: Strengthening exercises that you complete while lying in the water and with the assistance of your therapist. The practice may include rings or floats to enhance the experience.

Fluid Moves: A practice whereby you surround yourself with warm, viscous liquid to simulate a weightless experience. When you are not bound by the constraints of gravity, other touch and pressure receptors are heightened.

Halliwick Concept: A holistic approach that teaches you to feel a sense of independence in the water. The practice combines teachings about your body, learning, motivation, challenges, group dynamics, swimming strokes and more.

Swim Stroke Training and Modification: A method used to rehabilitate the body through various swim stroke exercises. While you lie in the water, your therapist will provide instruction on specific movements to execute.

Task Type Training Approach: A practice that focuses on the performance of functional tasks in the water. The approach is particularly useful for individuals who experience neurological dysfunction but has recently been expanded to other mediums.

Watsu: A gentle and relaxing technique that uses massage therapy and elements of stretching, dance, and joint mobilization to invoke healing within the body.

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The therapists at Avalon by the Sea, Malibu take special care to ensure that aqua therapy will benefit you. With personalized evaluation services, we can assess your strengths and determine where you may apply them.

You will work individually with a therapist to develop a specialized treatment plan that addresses your independent needs. Through aqua therapy, our goal is to help you consider and prioritize your health and wellness, both physically and mentally, so that you can make wholesome decisions in the future.

If you would like more information about aqua therapy or any of the other treatment modalities we offer, please call Avalon Malibu at 888-958-7511 and schedule a personal and confidential interview with a member of our team.

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