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What is Writing Therapy Like at Avalon Malibu?

Writing is an expressive therapy which involves writing and introspection; processing the written word is rehabilitation and treatment all in one action. Sometimes called journaling, it is hypothesized that writing one’s feelings uncovers and gradually eases feelings of emotional trauma. Writing therapeutically can be done in one-on-one therapy or in a group setting, and can be administered by a therapist or done privately at home. Writing is a diverse therapy that we teach here at Avalon Malibu, and we encourage our clients to use it at a method of stress relief in aftercare.

Writing Therapy at Avalon Malibu is administered by a trained psychotherapist who understands the process and works strategically to help clients deal with addiction and mental illnesses. At Avalon Malibu, this treatment is an intervention that takes the form of a class, where clients write on themes chosen by a therapist. Our therapists offer this treatment to help clients become more self-aware and understand the value of self-reflection. Writing therapy is also used to incite self-development.

How is Writing Therapy Used?

As with most forms of therapy, writing therapy is adapted and used to work with a wide range of psychoneurotic illnesses. Some of these include grief, abandonment and abuse. Assignments vary, but may include writing unsent letters to selected individuals that may be alive or dead. Sometimes writing may be imagined replies from a recipient. Writing Therapy can also be a dialogue with a recovering addict’s drug use or an alcoholic’s relationship to drinking.

What Can I Expect from Writing Therapy at Avalon Malibu?

Writing therapy at Avalon Malibu is conducted by a licensed therapist who is specifically trained to listen and attend to a client’s treatment plan and personal transformation. Treatment is designed specifically for each individual, in order to assist in breaking through old patterns, shedding beliefs that no longer serve, and healing past traumas. Clients who participate in the writing program at Avalon Malibu are encouraged to express themselves freely and to let go of negative emotions. Participants are able to release all thoughts of any kind through a variety of writing tasks and assignments. In writing therapy, the pen and paper listen silently. Often what are expressed are dark thoughts, strange fantasies, and uncovered dreams. Writers are free to yell, whine, fight, get angry, rejoice, boast and celebrate while releasing emotions. Writers and their writing can be funny, sarcastic, thoughtful, harsh, mocking, powerless, sentimental, profound, inspirational, dogmatic or rude. The therapist accepts all emotions without comment, judgment or reprisal.

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