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When clients come to us with depression, anxiety, panic, or addictions, the first challenge of treatment is to achieve stabilization. Though interventions such as monitoring, medication, and detoxification signify the first steps in achieving psychological peace, perceptual changes are often necessary in order to stabilize clients for the long term. At Avalon Malibu, our clinical staff works closely with clients to achieve an even-keeled emotional state through the practice of mindful awareness. As clients learn to accept and detach from negative emotions and cognitions simultaneously, they begin to approach outlooks, assumptions, and fears without judgment. This nonjudgmental consciousness wakes the psyche, allowing clients to focus on the experience of reality instead of perceptions distorted by substances.

Whether fueled by trauma, neurochemistry, or unhealed emotional wounds, psychological distress often creates strong emotions. In some cases, the human need to attribute, analyze, and categorize feelings and experiences can lead to unhelpful thoughts and overpowering emotions. By directing focus toward somatic experiences, mindfulness allows individuals to achieve heightened awareness of thoughts and sensations without the need for over-identification. Scientific studies have shown that mindfulness therapy can prove highly effective at lowering symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as preventing both psychological and addictive relapse.

Benefits of Stabilization Through Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness meditation serves to increase stress tolerance, awakening the self to alertness and clarity, and opening up avenues of flexible thought. As a result, clients develop heightened self-awareness and regular insight as they learn to master their mental processes, facilitating empowered, purposed decisions and actions. Clients learn to quiet mind noise, achieving higher levels of acceptance and appreciation for the self and the world around them. Psychotherapists team with clients in mindful observations of reactions, behaviors and attachments, modeling an uncritical stance that fosters wider analysis and higher potential for lasting change.

Relapse Prevention Therapy Through Mindfulness

At Avalon Malibu, we dedicate ourselves to the full and comprehensive recovery of each client. As part of our commitment to healing, we employ mindfulness-based relapse prevention therapies, targeted at teaching observational techniques, cognitive tools, and skillful actions that prevent relapse of all sorts, from alcohol and drug addiction to depression and panic. Our world-class therapists combine cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with mindfulness meditative therapy (MMT), augmented by specialized therapeutic techniques selected on an individual basis. Our mindfulness-based relapse prevention program encourages clients to practice focused awareness of relapse triggers, provides psychoeducation around predictable addiction and mental health cycles, and habituates clients to choose proactive, healthy coping mechanisms to protect and preserve their recovery.

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