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Recovery is often multi-faceted. You will experience both sudden and gradual changes that impact your emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. While these changes are necessary and will help you discover and retain your motivation for a lifetime of sobriety, they can also pose challenges that affect you after your time in recovery is complete.

Sobriety and renewed health is a lifelong commitment, and during that time you are bound to face obstacles. Although it is possible to overcome temptation on your own, your odds of success are better when you have a community behind you offering support when you need it.

You don’t have to face your road to recovery alone – the alumni support group at Avalon Malibu is here to provide love, understanding, and compassion.

Why Unconditional Support is Important

Addiction and mental health disorders have a tendency to create solitude. During your worst moments, you may feel as if you can trust no one, not even yourself, due to the heavy burden of your addiction, which may cause you to isolate yourself from family and friends.

When you are alone, drug abuse or your depression becomes a priority, more so than when you previously had the companionship of loved ones. Lapses in mental health are also more likely to occur, and the thought of seeking help when you’re in isolation often becomes too overwhelming. But when you have a support system in place, you have a better chance of finding value in rehabilitation and gaining more motivation to get well.

Although family and couples therapy can help establish a support system with your loved ones to help sustain your recovery, and as much as your family may be committed to your well being, they may not fully understand the extent of your addiction or mental health challenge and the day-to-day roadblocks that surface.

With an alumni support group, you are speaking directly with individuals who share many of your same experiences. They understand your frustrations and can empathize with your adversities more than anyone else. An alumni support group can be a strong compliment to the encouragement you receive from friends and family.

What Will You Take Away?

When you join the alumni support group at Avalon Malibu, you are in a safe space free from judgment. During these bi-annual meetings, you’re met with listening ears that can give you advice applicable to your personal challenges, such as recovery after discharge, mindfulness, current events, involvement in therapy, and more. You can also utilize resources for educational, professional, or volunteer opportunities, if you are looking to help others who are struggling with addiction or mental health problems.

Alumni support begins during your recovery in residential treatment, where you will be contacted by an alumni coordinator to arrange to meet members who identify with your struggles. As you continue to forge bonds with alumni group leaders, you will learn more about joining the program once you have finished your time in rehabilitation.

Alumni support is only one of several benefits – other advantages include fun sober activities, maintaining connections and reconnecting with peers, receiving additional resources, and more. You can also discuss your recovery with a variety of individuals and get access to educational groups about how to prevent relapse.

The support from an entire group will build your sense of community and most importantly, increase your chances of lifelong sobriety. If you have additional questions about alumni support groups at Avalon Malibu, contact us at 888-958-7511 for more information.

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