Non-12 Step Support Groups

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Non-12 Step Support Groups

As you continue to research treatment programs in an attempt to find a recovery option that aligns with who you are, you may come to the realization that you are searching for a treatment center that will respect and value your personality and unique goals.

It’s not enough to design one recovery program and expect every individual to adhere to it. Instead, it’s more important that you are given the opportunity to choose the method of treatment that suits you best.

At Avalon Malibu, we offer several treatment programs, both traditional and alternative, that reflect various belief systems. During a personal and confidential evaluation process, you and your therapist can determine the method of recovery that will ensure your treatment is a complete success.

The non-12 step approach to rehabilitation is just one alternative treatment option that allows you to address addiction in a way that you can identify with personally. Freedom and relief from drug and alcohol dependence have different meanings for different people, which is why we present you with so many therapeutic options to aid in your recovery.

What to Expect from Non-12 Step Support Groups

The non-12 step approach to addiction treatment alters the underlying motivation for sobriety. Depending on your personal beliefs, you may be driven to become sober due to the presence of a Higher Power or because you have decided to take personal responsibility for your current lifestyle. Either belief is acceptable and beneficial, but non-12 step support groups focus on the latter.

Within a non-12 step program, therapists will prompt you to consider your personal success and place control of your recovery into your own hands. You will work toward self-empowerment, which will gradually turn into motivation for your recovery.

Therapy is designed to help you understand your experiences and apply them to present and future solutions. By narrowing down the causes of your addiction, you can make substantial changes that boost your chance of life-long sobriety.

If during your evaluation you and your therapist find that you benefit from intrinsic motivation, we may employ the non-12 step approach to help you overcome your substance abuse and dependence; however, particular motivators should be present within you to ensure that your treatment is successful. If they aren’t, then a different modality or a combination of programs may be of better use.

Your Options are Always Flexible

Your treatment plan at Avalon Malibu is highly individualized, which is part of the reason our clients have found so much clarity and relief during their time with us. We have treatment options available for a diverse range of individuals, which means that you can expect your recovery to be designed especially for you. We are always working tirelessly to practice therapies that will benefit your personal well-being now and in the future.

If you find yourself struggling with the non-12 step support group, you and your therapist can reevaluate your treatment plan and find a therapeutic option that aligns with your beliefs. In addition to non-12 step support, we also offer 12-step programs and other treatment options that may enable you to succeed.

Combinations of various treatments may also be beneficial, as they can each provide different means of support for you. While some may focus on building meaningful relationships with peers, which is crucial for communication skills outside of treatment, other programs are tailored to underlying mental health issues that can contribute to addiction.

Treatment with Avalon Malibu is flexible and can adapt to the many changes you will undoubtedly experience throughout your time here. It’s hardly ever effective to use the same treatment modality for every individual because rehabilitation is never that simple. The programs and therapeutic approaches that you participate in must incorporate several components that address addiction and mental health.

For more information about non-12 step support groups or any of the other treatment programs we offer, please contact Avalon Malibu at 888-958-7511 and schedule a personal assessment.

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