12-Step Support Groups

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12-Step Support Groups

The programs offered at Avalon Malibu are designed to work uniquely and cohesively within your treatment plan. But unlike other treatment centers, our programs offer the opportunity for continual modifications as your treatment plan evolves. Our boutique approach, where we help you create a custom-fit treatment plan, is what makes addiction solutions at Avalon Malibu the best option for you. As you meet with your intake counselor and are paired with your selected therapist, they may recommend that you consider attending a specific support group or combination of groups. Our options for support groups are specific to evidence-based outcomes that will enhance your recovery, and one group that may serve your treatment plan is our 12-step support group.

12-Step Support Groups Offer Healing and Peace of Mind

While no two people are offered the same treatment plan, you may find familiar faces in the support groups here at Avalon Malibu. Each 12-step support group coordinates complimentary personalities so that each member is offered the best possible outcome and level of comfort. Enrollment at Avalon Malibu is highly selective and carefully screened so that you and your peers are set up to succeed.

While our 12-step support groups provide peace of mind and healing, they also challenge you to make continual progress in your recovery. If a group isn’t working for you at any time in your recovery process, or if you’ve reached a point where you require an alternative focus, we will modify your treatment plan to improve your progress.

What to Expect in 12-Step Support Groups

Our 12-step support groups are built upon an all-inclusive belief in a Higher Power of your personal taste. We encourage all who are on the path to recovery to participate in discovering and connecting with your personal Higher Power. For those of you who are comfortable with the support of a 12-step methodology, there are sessions available each week to allow you the chance to build lasting bonds with your peers and strengthen your spiritual center.

12-step support groups at Avalon Malibu are non-denominational and not specific to any religion, but are rooted in a modified and all-encompassing 12-step base. Each of the 12 steps are acknowledged and discussed as mantras for successful recovery, and you can refer to any step in any order. The steps are meant to provide you with key points in recovery, and help you understand the reasoning behind your actions. The steps will help you reconcile with yourself and with the people you care about.

Mindset of the 12 steps:

Acknowledge that you have an addiction, and that you are powerless to overcome it without help.

Be spiritually open and foster that spiritual belief within yourself.

Accept a Higher Power and receive the assistance and peace of mind that Power will offer you.

Become self-aware and acknowledge your past inability to weigh morality.

Reconcile your actions and understand how they came to be.

Accept your path to recovery and be committed to making progress.

Through spiritual means, contemplate ways to be better. Make the effort to be better.

Create a list of loved ones whom you have harmed in the process of your addiction.

Believe in yourself and look to spirituality to give you strength.

Become fully immersed in recovery and follow the steps you have set for yourself.

Believe in your recovery.

Support Sessions

Within these support group sessions, you will find a safe space to share your experiences with others who are working through their own personal addiction plans. This 12-step support group will help you heal your addictive mindset by providing a network of others to help you through it.

One of the most important introductory aspects of a 12-step method within your recovery program is that you’ll feel comfortable to engage in these groups outside of treatment as you begin a sober lifestyle. Integration into a 12-step program will prepare you to utilize the sponsors and group sessions that are available after your intensive program ends at no cost to you.

While 12-step groups are a great way to share with peers and take responsibility for your role in recovery, they are not made to stand alone. These groups are an extension of support that will help you believe that recovery is possible. If you make the honest effort to use them as intended, 12-step support groups can help you succeed in a sober lifestyle.

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