The Effectiveness of Non-12 Step Support Groups

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The Effectiveness of Non-12 Step Support Groups

12-Step support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) receive much of the spotlight when it comes to addiction recovery, but did you know there are alternative groups that a person can become involved in? A common thread amongst non-!2 Step support groups is the open concept of religion and spirituality, whereas many 12-Step support groups promote these areas as being vital to healing and growth. As Very Well Mind emphasized in 2017, those who do not find prayer and other religious messages to be of importance may find non-12 Step programs to be more their style; each person is different, however, and not one model of support can truly fit everyone – that’s where various non-12 Step programs come into play.

The following are some of the most widespread non-12 Step groups out there:

SMART Recovery: Smart Management and Recovery Training helps empower individuals to maintain their recovery.

Secular Organizations for Society (SOS): This is a non-profit based on a variety of secular recovery-based support groups.

Women for Sobriety: Women who want to support one another in recovery may find benefit from this organization.

LifeRing: Abstinence is the main goal, and members meet to support one another in reaching their recovery goals.

As a 2018 study published in the journal Transforming Digital Worlds explained, the beliefs set about addiction and recovery tend to be different from those in traditional 12-Step programs. In fact, while many 12-Step programs promote acceptance, surrender and participation as pathways towards healing and recovery, non-12 Step programs tend to highlight motivation, personal responsibility and balance as critical factors for growth.

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