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Using Writing as a Therapeutic Outlet


Recovery is a complicated journey, and each person will have their own best practices when it comes to processing emotions and expectations throughout the process. There are a plethora of strategies that each individual can explore. One potent option can

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How Comfort and Luxury Impact Recovery

close up of person holding on door lever inside room

Whether individuals are overcoming their use of drugs or quelling unhealthy drinking habits, addiction recovery is an incredibly challenging process. Many emotional and physical changes occur in rapid succession as an individual ceases their use. Having a comfortable space to

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Don’t Focus On How You Will Recover

Lonely man by the shore

Trying to figure out how you are going to recover from anxiety, depression, substance use, or post-traumatic stress disorder can feel overwhelming; it can also prevent you from beginning to heal. However, realizing that there are trained professionals to support

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Using Escapism to Your Advantage During Recovery

Escapism to Your Advantage

Escapism plays an interesting role throughout one’s recovery journey. While escapism can be used to push away stressors or avoid daily struggles, it can also be a phenomenal tool of relaxation, depending on how it is used. However, not all

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The Dangers of Dependent Disorder

Anxiety Depression

Dependent disorder is a kind of personality disorder that greatly impacts your way of thinking and daily life. The feelings of anxiety can feel overwhelming as a result of the disorder. However, it is still possible to address and overcome

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Choosing Hope Over Doubt in Your Recovery

Hope Over Doubt

If you have spent a great deal of your life living in fear, expecting the worst to happen, and doubting that you can achieve your goals, beginning to shift your mindset can be tricky. While you may sometimes doubt yourself

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How Can Neurofeedback Therapy Help Me?

Neurofeedback Therapy

For those who suffer from a mental health condition or emotional sources of pain, neurofeedback therapy— a type of biofeedback  — can be used to train your brain to self-regulate, helping you to stay calm and focussed. This type of

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Ways to Be Creative During Recovery

Creative During Recovery

Creativity is vital to your holistic wellness and being creative can help you during your recovery. Popular to contrary belief, there are many ways to be creative outside of traditional drawing, coloring, and painting. Whether you consider yourself to be

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How Writing Can Help Your Recovery

Writing Can Help Your Recovery

Writing can be an excellent practice during your recovery journey. It provides time for introspection and self-reflection, cultivating self-awareness and self-honesty. One of the best parts of writing is that you do not have to actually be a writer to

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What Not to Say to Someone in Recovery

It is quite common for loved ones to feel the need to provide support during the recovery process. While many inquiries and remarks are helpful, others might harm the rehabilitation process. Although you are concerned for that person, you should

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