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The Importance of Prioritizing Your Recovery

The Importance Of Prioritizing Your Recovery

There are many reasons why people may hesitate to participate in addiction or mental health treatment. Some people may believe that they have it in them to cease their substance use or navigate their emotional concerns on their own. Others Read More ›

How You Can Support Your Peers in Recovery

How You Can Support Your Peers In Recovery

At Avalon Malibu, we know addiction can be isolating. Due to this, in recovery, we want to try to break cycles like isolation. You can work towards breaking isolation by finding support and commonality with your peers. It can be Read More ›

Incorporating Movement in Recovery

Incorperating Movement In Recovery

Movement of some kind can be important to overall health for most people. When you are in recovery from addiction, you could find movement to be a useful coping skill. You could also find movement in recovery as an avenue Read More ›

Managing PTSD and Addiction Recovery

Managing PTSD and Addiction Recovery

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can lead to risky behaviors, such as substance use, to try and cope with your symptoms. This can bring you down a path of addiction and untreated mental health disorders. Managing PTSD can be a complex Read More ›

Coping With Bad Days in Recovery

Coping With Bad Days in Recovery

Just like everyone, individuals in recovery have bad days. However, bad days can make it difficult not to relapse, as individuals are often accustomed to turning to substances once they’ve had a bad day. In this blog, we’re going to Read More ›

Understanding the Stages of Change Model for Recovery

Understanding the Stages of Change Model for Recovery

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It is a long and challenging process, especially when you are changing addictive behaviors. Luckily, there are stages of change to make this process more understandable. The stages consist of the time before you realize that Read More ›

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