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Busting 3 Common Addiction Myths

addiction myths

The addiction world is full of helpful resources and information, compelling stories of individual recovery journeys, and countless recovery centers dedicated to the success of helping those struggling to find lasting sobriety. Among this beautiful world of helpers and healers

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The Dry Drunk, Explained

dry drunk

Taking the brave first steps towards recovery for an alcoholic by quitting the bottle is a daunting and impressive feat by any means. However, true recovery for an alcoholic is much more than just not drinking every day. The journey

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Gift Ideas for Sober Loved Ones


With the holiday season now at our doorstep, the expectation of giving our loved ones the best gift possible comes along with it. Gift-giving can bring so much joy and, in the same breath, feel very challenging, depending on who

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Tips for Facing the Holidays While Sober


The holiday season can be a joyful and loving, but also a confusing and sometimes challenging, time of year. For anyone newly in recovery, the season can feel particularly demanding. Navigating everyday life can feel difficult, let alone the holidays. 

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