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What is Ambien Withdrawal Like?

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A powerful sedative typically used to help people with insomnia, Ambien, generically called Zolpidem, is prescribed for no more than 6 weeks and is generally recommended to be taken for shorter periods of time. If a person takes larger doses

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What to Expect from Detox

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The first step in recovery is detoxification, a process in which the body naturally dispels any toxins that were inhibited from addiction. Detox can seem daunting, especially if you are unsure of what you will be experiencing. Knowing what to

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Natural Detox Methods

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The first step in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol is to break any chemical dependency. To accomplish this, individuals dealing with addiction must go through a detoxification process. Detox is the process of abstaining from use so the

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Why Personalized Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs Are Necessary

Why Personalized Drug And Alcohol Detox Programs Are Necessary

At Avalon Malibu we offer our clients a supportive, medically supervised detox program. Since no two people who come to us for help are alike, no two programs are absolutely identical. When helping people who are in the initial stages of dealing with a substance abuse issue, the goal is to rid the body of the influence of all chemicals.

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