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Understanding Detox Safety

Understanding Detox Safety

Detoxing is the process someone goes through when they stop using substances and their body clears out all traces of the drug. This process may sound simple, but in reality, it can be very complex and dangerous. Let’s go over Read More ›

Starting Healing Through Detox

Starting Healing Through Detox

Drug addiction treatment can seem overwhelming at first. There are many treatment phases that people go through to aid them in the process of recovery. Doing so with professional help ensures that you’re as safe and comfortable as possible. Let’s Read More ›

Quitting Drugs Cold Turkey—Is It Safe?


Once you’ve made the conscious decision to quit using drugs or alcohol, you may decide to begin abstaining right then and there and without outside help. This method of quitting drugs and/or alcohol is commonly referred to as “quitting cold Read More ›

Living Out Patience in Recovery


Instant gratification is everywhere in the world around us, except in recovery. Recovery is no overnight process, with a winding journey unique to each individual with several phases — detox, rehab, ongoing care, and sober living. Developing a strong patience Read More ›

What is Ambien Withdrawal Like?

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A powerful sedative typically used to help people with insomnia, Ambien, generically called Zolpidem, is prescribed for no more than 6 weeks and is generally recommended to be taken for shorter periods of time. If a person takes larger doses Read More ›

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