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Recognizing and Treating Polysubstance Abuse


It is common for those who use substances to use more than one at a time, known as polysubstance abuse. Treatment for multiple substances is more tedious than treating addiction to a single, particular drug. However, there are many techniques Read More ›

Amphetamine Addiction And Recovery 101

Amphetamine Addiction And Recovery - Avalon Malibu Rehab

The prescription Ritalin is an amphetamine drug used to decrease hyperactivity and increase focus in children and adults suffering from ADHD. While the medication may have a calming effect on those with ADHD, it has an opposite effect on those without the disorder. Read More ›

How Alcohol Abuse And Addiction Affects Your Life

While the occasional drink causes very few physical and psychological effects, prolonged use of alcohol can have many negative effects throughout your life. Alcohol abuse and addiction affects you both physically and psychologically. It can also affect the people you Read More ›

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