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The Dry Drunk, Explained

dry drunk

Taking the brave first steps towards recovery for an alcoholic by quitting the bottle is a daunting and impressive feat by any means. However, true recovery for an alcoholic is much more than just not drinking every day. The journey

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The Twelve Traditions Explained


When some people recognize that they have an addiction problem, their first instinct may be to try and overcome it on their own instead of getting help. They might be in denial or feel ashamed to reach out for help.

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The Twelve Steps Explained

higher power

12-Step programs help individuals struggling with addiction and help change their negative beliefs. In recovery, it is essential to create a framework that allows you to shift your perception about yourself into a positive perspective. When you discover the good

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The Role Trauma Plays in Addiction


Trauma is defined in many different ways depending on the objective of the definition. It has been described as merely a disturbing or distressing event or as in-depth as emotional and psychological trauma resulting from extraordinarily stressful events that shatter

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