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Creating Boundaries With Yourself in Recovery

Setting boundaries is an essential part of the recovery process. Most people think this relates only to setting boundaries with others, but setting boundaries with themselves is a pivotal aspect as well. Personal boundaries are the mental, emotional, and physical

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Eliminating Your Fears Like Peeling Away Onion Layers

Woman working on a laptop at home

Have you ever wondered what life or different situations would be like if fear were not involved? The emotions human beings feel range from happy, sad, anxious, and all those in between. However, one of the most complicated and interesting

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Finding the Role of Forgiveness in Recovery

forgiveness in recovery

In each individual’s journey to sobriety, the recovery process can present many difficult and unique hurdles. Not only is it important to address one’s relationship with drugs or alcohol and learn how to cope with urges, but each individual is

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Confronting the Language of Powerlessness

language of powerlessness

Recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and the anxiety, depression, or stress that may be present throughout the process, can take a toll on many aspects of daily life, down to the power an individual feels in everyday

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Quitting Drugs Cold Turkey—Is It Safe?


Once you’ve made the conscious decision to quit using drugs or alcohol, you may decide to begin abstaining right then and there and without outside help. This method of quitting drugs and/or alcohol is commonly referred to as “quitting cold

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The Value in Taking a Personal Inventory

After fully diving in and understanding the first three steps in a 12-Step Program, a person in recovery may begin working the fourth and very critical step, “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” Step 4 is one

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Eating to Support Your Liver After Substance Abuse

Healthy Eating

One of the organs that is most affected by drug and/or alcohol abuse is the liver. After years of excessive drinking or abusing drugs, the liver has had to work relentlessly to rid the body of these toxic substances and

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How To Help Someone Who Doesn’t Want Help

Happy couple

You can feel helpless watching a loved one struggle with an addiction or poor mental health as they refuse to seek the proper help. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to try to fix their problems yourself instead

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