The Dangers of OxyContin Abuse

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The road to addiction is one filled with intricate nuances, and each individual’s experience is unique. However, for many people struggling with opioid use, OxyContin has played a key role in their dependency and addiction. Developed and prescribed to provide long-term pain relief, OxyContin is a powerful opioid that can quickly become habit-forming, even when taken as directed. The uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms associated with suddenly stopping this medication leave many people trapped in the harmful cycle of opioid use disorder.

At Avalon Malibu, we deeply understand the challenges of those battling OxyContin addiction. We know how hard it can be to navigate the path to recovery, so we’re here to help individuals rediscover a sober, healthy lifestyle with holistic therapies designed to promote long-term healing. Our treatment process is rooted in evidence-based practices, offering hope and a new beginning for those ready to reclaim their lives from the grips of OxyContin.

What Is OxyContin?

OxyContin was developed by Purdue Pharma in 1996 to provide long-term pain relief for up to 12 hours. Unlike most other prescription pain medications at the time, OxyContin was formulated with a controlled, sustained-release system that was heavily promoted. As sales of the drug roared, so did overdoses and deaths, setting the stage for the opioid crisis.

As a semi-synthetic opioid derived from the poppy plant, OxyContin is similar to other opioid drugs, including heroin and morphine. It contains the active ingredient oxycodone, which works by binding to mu-opioid receptors in the brain, changing the way a person perceives pain. However, in addition to providing powerful pain relief, opioids like OxyContin also produce feelings of sedation and euphoria, making them highly addictive and prone to abuse.

Since it was first introduced, OxyContin has become a popular recreational street drug. It is often taken by mouth, but the time-release coating can also be crushed, allowing the drug to be chewed, smoked, snorted or dissolved in water and injected. Because it is an opioid, suddenly stopping or decreasing use can lead to uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, causing many people to take drastic measures to obtain more. Individuals who struggle with an OxyContin addiction may buy the drug online or on the streets, increasing the risk of overdose as they are never really sure where it came from or what’s in it.

Is OxyContin Addictive?

OxyContin is a potent opioid prescribed to manage pain. However, misuse can quickly lead to addiction. It works by acting on opioid receptors in the brain to change how pain is perceived, but it also produces feelings of warmth or euphoria that many people seek out. With long-term use, it also changes the brain’s chemistry, leading to physical dependence and addiction, even when taken as prescribed by a doctor. The development of tolerance, where increasing doses are needed to achieve the same effect, is a strong indicator of its addictive potential.

OxyContin can contain at least 10 milligrams of oxycodone in a timed-release tablet, with some pills containing as much as 160 milligrams. Individuals who misuse OxyContin typically crush the tablet and snort it, or dilute it in water and inject it. Crushing and diluting the tablet deactivates the timed-release properties but can also provide a potentially fatal dose.

Common Symptoms of OxyContin Addiction Include:


The Dangers of OxyContin Addiction

OxyContin is used to treat moderate to severe pain that is expected to last for an extended period of time. However, when abused, OxyContin is often taken in larger doses than recommended or in ways that increase its potency, such as by crushing or injecting the drug, creating a stronger high but exacerbating the risk of dangerous side effects. It is also frequently combined with alcohol or benzodiazepines, which can lead to overdose.

The dangers of misusing OxyContin and other opioids come from how they affect the brain. In addition to providing essential pain relief, opioids also slow breathing and heart rate, which can be deadly. In the United States, thousands of people overdose on opioids each year, with more than 80,000 opioid-related deaths in 2021, increasing from 70,000 in 2020.

Today, additional dangers arise from OxyContin misuse when it is obtained illegally, as many counterfeit pills are available that are sold as oxycodone but actually contain deadly amounts of fentanyl. Compared to heroin, OxyContin and other opioids, fentanyl is 50 to 100 times stronger and has been implicated in rising opioid-related deaths across the country.

OxyContin Withdrawal & Detox at Avalon Malibu

Even when taken as prescribed, long-term OxyContin use changes the brain’s chemistry, making individuals dependent on the drug to function normally. If it is suddenly discontinued, flu-like withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anxiety, chills and diarrhea appear in as few as six hours, keeping many people trapped in a cycle of addiction.

Some OxyContin Withdrawal Symptoms Include:


Fortunately, these withdrawal symptoms can be effectively managed with the right care. At Avalon Malibu, we are uniquely qualified to help individuals return to a life of abundant living, free from OxyContin addiction. We provide medically supervised detox where individuals are monitored around the clock to ensure their safety and comfort, with our team utilizing a variety of proven methods to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. Once stabilized, clients are transitioned into the appropriate treatment program to begin the recovery journey.

OxyContin Addiction Treatment at Avalon Malibu

At Avalon Malibu, we understand the deep intricacies involved in overcoming OxyContin addiction, and it is our fundamental belief that recovery is attainable for everyone. We offer a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to substance use treatment that includes an extensive range of evidence-based therapies and supportive measures that encourage mental, physical and emotional healing. Here is what you can expect from our dedicated program:

At our fully licensed, certified and accredited luxury rehab facility, the Cottage House, we combine 12-step approaches and holistic treatments with individual and group psychotherapy to help clients overcome OxyContin addiction. Our dedicated team of professionals works together to provide personalized treatment plans that resonate with each person, supporting them as they find a path to a healthier, happier lifestyle free from substance use.

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