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What to Consider When Choosing a Therapist

Addiction therapy is a great technique to beat a substance abuse disorder. A competent therapist may be able to suggest methods to change your behavior and lessen the triggers for your substance use. Choosing a therapist might be difficult, but

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Dysthymia and Addiction

While depression is well-known, dysthymia is a lesser-known mood disorder. Dysthymia is a sort of low-level depression that alternates between periods of normal and poor mood. Dysthymia, like serious depression, can continue untreated for a long time, although the symptoms

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Rediscovering Your Identity After Addiction

Addiction generally prevents you from considering the abstract concept of identity. You might be too engrossed in the addiction to ask, “Who am I?” Questions like this may arise when something goes wrong and when you are forced to face

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Addiction Group Therapy: What to Expect

Addiction group therapy may be beneficial while seeking treatment for a substance use disorder. It should be noted here that individual therapy in a group environment is not the same as group therapy. To be effective, it must be conducted

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Understanding Cross-Addiction

Just because you may have kicked your drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t mean you are off the hook for your newly-found shopping addiction. This practice of simply replacing one addiction for another is known as cross-addiction and is a type

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Positive Reinforcement Through Addiction Recovery

Creative friends having coffee together at home

Sometimes we unintentionally reinforce good and bad behaviors in people. Those that struggle with addiction can use positive reinforcement to help them change for the better. Understanding Positive Reinforcement Relationships and habits can reinforce specific behaviors. Both sides of the

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