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Is Willpower Enough to Beat Addiction?


One of the most dangerous ideas surrounding mental health disorders, addiction, and recovery is that we should be strong enough to conquer our problems on our own. This idea stems from the harmful ideas culture has around success, productivity and

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Acupuncture & Addiction


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine healing modality that is well known for its healing properties as a holistic practice and has been scientifically proven to aid in healing a variety of illnesses and disorders. Thin needles are used to

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What Are 12-Step Programs?

12 steps

The traditional 12-Step Program finds its origins from the very well known Alcoholics Anonymous program, or AA, which has been hailed as the standard for recovery from nearly any type of addiction. The Alcoholics Anonymous model of 12 steps and

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Techniques for Dealing with Cravings


Substance abuse can have a powerful effect on both the mind and body – they have learned that drug use is “good” because of how dopamine influences addiction. Dopamine is released in your brain to promote the repetition of activities

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The Myth of Functioning Addiction


The term “functioning addict” is commonly used, and the idea that drug users can complete everyday tasks is popular and partially true. However, the idea that being a functioning addict is somehow better than being a non-functioning addict or even

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The Science of Breaking Habits


Sometimes, toxic habits turn into addictions. Casual, social drinking may turn to drinking daily by yourself. Using substances to self-medicate can quickly turn into an addiction. Using drugs floods the brain with dopamine, causing the brain to seek ways to

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