Tag: Personality Disorders

What Are Personality Disorders Everyone Should Know About?

personality disorders

Personality disorders are more common than you might think. When someone develops an issue with substance abuse, they are likely living with an undiagnosed personality disorder, mood disorder, or psychiatric disorder. Living with a mental illness increases the chances of Read More ›

How Does Someone Develop a Personality Disorder?

STOP stigma written on hand

There are many reasons for why someone may develop a personality disorder, with some of those reasons perpetuating stigma. For example, many people believe personality disorders are a sign of evil or a ploy used to help people manipulate others. Read More ›

How Many Personality Disorders are There?

woman with mirror showing different image of her

There are several types of personality disorders, and many people suffer from their characteristics, affecting nearly every aspect of their lives. Having a personality disorder may also be difficult for family, friends, and those around them. Educating yourself on the Read More ›

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