The Defining Line Between Mood Disorders and Personality Disorders

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Although commonly confused, mood disorders and personality disorders are inherently different. While some symptoms may overlap, each diagnosis has its unique characteristics, therefore requiring specific treatment. If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with one of these, it’s important to educate yourself. Having a solid understanding of the disorder is a crucial step towards recovery, as it allows you to seek out proper resources and support. 

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are based on the relationship a person has with their emotions. For example, we all experience life’s highs and lows, but those with a mood disorder may experience these highs and lows at a much greater intensity. Additionally, these mood swings may take place more frequently, or have longer durations, when compared to those experienced by the average person without the diagnosis. 

Bipolar disorder is an example of a common mood disorder, often characterized as demonstrating manic and/or depressive episodes. Mania consists of feelings of elatedness, while depression presents with a low mood and loss of interest in activities. Sometimes, these episodes are reported to last for long periods, while in other cases they tend to be rapid cycling.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are characterized as major differences in how an individual deals with emotions, interacts with others, thinks about problems and interprets situations, when compared to others. Diagnoses like these are much broader than mood disorders, as they involve thought and behavior patterns used to navigate daily life. The dysregulated emotions, characteristic of mood disorders, are often easier to recognize than the subtle patterns within interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships that are associated with personality disorders. 

Recovery from Mood and Personality Disorders 

Being diagnosed with a mental health disorder may feel scary at first. However, understanding the problem is the first step towards recovery and achieving stability in your life. At Avalon Malibu, we offer tailored treatment plans to support your individual recovery needs and goals. Our experienced staff is trained in a variety of healing modalities specific to mood and personality disorders, as well as any co-occurring substance use disorders that may have developed to cope. It’s never too late to make a change. Call us today for a consultation at 844-857-5992.

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