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Making Your Willpower Contagious In Treatment

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Your body and mind respond to situations and circumstances, but you can use willpower to mold your choices. Willpower is highly contagious, especially in treatment and especially when it creates positive results. Many people understand that by using your strength

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How Recovery Can Seem as Vast as the Sea

Man walking beach in Tel Aviv-Yafo with sunset reflecting over ocean

When jumping into the ocean of recovery, you are not expected to know how to swim right away. You may feel terrified of the waves when looking upon recovery and fear drowning. Fortunately, recovery is your lifeboat. The experience of

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Understanding the Many Forms of Depression

Sad woman staring out the window during a lockdown

The term “depression” is often used to encompass many different conditions or behaviors. However, depression is more than just one thing and can present itself in unique ways.  Different forms of depression can have episodes that last varying lengths of

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Stopping the Cycle of Social Anxiety and Substance Abuse

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Living with social anxiety causes someone to experience a great deal of discomfort in many different social settings due to feeling extremely uncomfortable in the presence of other people. For those suffering from social anxiety, the intrusive worry of being

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What Detaching With Love Teaches Us

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In recovering from codependency, detaching with love is the central pillar to finding healing for yourself. The principle of detaching with love is not just limited to use by codependents; its message can be translated and used by anyone in

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Pride Month Mental Health Check-In

Rainbow pride flag flying in the daytime breeze.

June marks the celebration of Pride Month, and it is a time meant to celebrate and recognize the equal rights and opportunities of LGBTQ individuals. It serves to negate any stigma or discrimination against the LGBTQ community and instead brings

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Trying the SODA Method for Anxiety

Woman looking out window worried

The SODA technique may be a beneficial tool to implement into your daily life if you struggle with anxiety. This method is used to reframe a situation or negative thought, and it’s a very simple way to bring in mindfulness

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