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How to Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Life

Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Life

Mindfulness is the practice of continually choosing to come back to the present moment with awareness and acceptance. It can help you slow down and live life with a deeper intention and compassion for yourself and others. Meditation  Although you

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Making Peace With Your OCD

Peace With Your OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a common mental health condition. Individuals who suffer from it have reoccurring thoughts — called obsessions — followed by repeated behaviors (compulsions).  Living with OCD can be debilitating, overwhelming, and confusing. The most common treatment for

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Letting Go of Perfectionism

Perfectionism, Externalize

Perfectionism is an insidious force that makes one believe that they — and others — can achieve perfection. A perfectionist may even understand that perfectionism is an illusion, yet they still cannot let that notion go. Learning how to remove

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How to Support a Loved One Struggling With Anxiety

Support a Loved One Struggling With Anxiety

Do you have a loved one who is struggling with anxiety and are unsure how to help them? What anxiety feels like, and the impact it can have on a relationship is different for everyone. How best to support someone

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Four Types of OCD You May Not Be Familiar With

Types of OCD

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition in which individuals experience obsessive thoughts that are intrusive in nature.  They can lead to the urge to perform repetitive and compulsive behaviors. We often

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Leaning Into Anxiety as the Pathway to Freedom

Living with anxiety can cause physical and emotional discomfort. The combination of uncontrollable thoughts, intense worry, and physical symptoms — like a fast heartbeat or dizziness — can create even more stress for those struggling with anxiety disorders. If you

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Finding Comfort Amid Uncertainty and Change

Finding Comfort Amid Uncertainty

How does change affect you? Does it give you a sense of excitement, wonder, and curiosity? Or does it cause anxiety and dread? For most people, uncertainty breeds a sense of discomfort and can lead to feelings of fear and

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The Effects of Binge Eating on Mental and Physical Health

A binge eating disorder is a complex disorder with a number of mental and physical detriments. However, despite the hurdles that it can present, binge eating disorders are common and can affect anyone. While one’s eating habits may be the

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Everything You Need to Know About Wet Brain

Long-term alcohol usage and binge drinking can cause long-term deficits and effects on brain function similar to malnutrition. Binge drinkers or heavy drinkers may neglect their health and make poor dietary choices such as not eating enough or only eating

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Tips to Mute Your Life

Living in zen doesn’t mean you need to stop talking. On the contrary, zen is a state of mind you create within yourself. We think we can’t live without something too often, but if we give ourselves a chance to

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