Learning About Overcoming Abandonment Issues

Learning About Overcoming Abandonment Issues

Taking care of your mental health can be critical to your overall well-being. It can be difficult to pinpoint specific needs to cater to your mental health struggles without assistance. Because mental health can often be complex, seeking treatment is a beneficial option. Overcoming abandonment issues specifically can be a complex challenge for many individuals. At Avalon Malibu, we understand you may feel alone in your abandonment issues, but we want to assure you that you are not alone and there is help available to overcome them.

The Importance of Overcoming Abandonment Issues and Its Effects on Your Mental Health

Abandonment issues can have detrimental effects on your mental health. With the understanding that mental health can be complex, understanding your abandonment issues can be difficult to do alone. Acknowledging you are struggling with your mental health as a result of abandonment issues is a brave first step. Reaching out for help is also commendable. We know getting help for your mental health can seem scary. You may fear being judged. It can be common with abandonment issues, specifically that you fear you will become attached. From there, you may fear the connection could result in more abandonment. You are not alone; your feelings are valid, and we want to help.

Attempting to overcome any mental health issue may seem like a challenge that is too difficult to face. At Avalon Malibu, we understand your concerns and want to help empower you. We know abandonment issues could cause you to close yourself off in order not to get too close to other people. This can be a way to try and protect yourself from feeling abandoned if or when the other person leaves the relationship. The problem with this is that it can create a pattern where you never have close connections, which can cause other problems to arise.

We believe everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have. If you are struggling with abandonment issues and have mental health problems as a result, it may be time to try something new. We understand putting trust in people is difficult, but learning the root cause of your abandonment issues may be a good place to start and is certainly something we can help assist with along with treating your mental health. 

Possible Root Causes of Abandonment Issues

Abandonment may sound straightforward, but again, it can be a complicated issue to deal with. Essentially, abandonment issues can stem from multiple places, including trauma. Trauma in itself is another complex issue that can cause mental health struggles where treatment can be beneficial. Some other root causes of abandonment issues can include the loss of a life. At any age, dealing with death can be incredibly difficult or even traumatic. No matter the case, help is available to you. 

Some other sources of abandonment that you may not have thought of can include neglect. When caregivers like parents are neglectful in any aspect, abandonment issues can develop. In some cases, if a caregiver like your parent is at any time emotionally unavailable, abandonment issues can develop as well. Addressing these root causes can be critical to your mental health. We understand there may be fear associated with thinking about where your issues stem from. However, in treatment, your best interest is always in mind, and the staff is always there to help you with no hidden agenda.

Tips for Learning Skills About Overcoming Abandonment Issues

If mental health treatment with us at Avalon Malibu is right for you, it is provided at The Grand House. Here, our staff can assist you in learning new skills for overcoming abandonment issues and any potential mental health struggles you may have as a result. We can provide many types of therapies where clients like you can learn to build confidence in yourself and the new skills you are taught to utilize. 

The skills you learn to use will depend on your specific treatment plan, which is based on your needs. Some individuals who come to us for treatment need group therapy, whereas others may need more one-on-one psychotherapy. A few examples of skills you may learn could include distress tolerance, emotional regulation, or mindfulness. These are some of the skills taught through dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). 

Sometimes, the idea of using new skills for overcoming abandonment issues can seem daunting. You may want to try other simple skills in combination with what you learn in treatment to make it a little less scary. Some people find mindfulness helpful. There are several different ways you can integrate mindfulness practices into your life. This can help lower stress when trying to use your new coping skills to overcome your abandonment issues. Again, your abandonment issues may seem difficult to face, but in our care, we will ensure you heal and learn how to overcome this challenge with full support.    

If you are struggling with abandonment issues, it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly where it stemmed from and how to address the mental health issues that followed. At Avalon Malibu, we believe treatment with us can help you understand why you struggle but, more importantly, help you learn how to cope in healthy ways. We know abandonment issues can be complex, and it can be scary to reach out for help. Your feelings are valid, and we assure you we are here to help with your best interest in mind. Call (844) 857-5992 today for more information on how Avalon Malibu can assist you in receiving treatment for your mental health. 

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