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Moving Past Traumatic Relationships

Breaking free from an unhealthy, traumatic relationship takes a significant weight off of one’s shoulders. However, many lingering effects can continue to impact an individual long after the relationship has ended. Feelings of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and a myriad of

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Ways of Releasing Trauma From the Body

Elderly caucasian woman covering her face

Trauma has a way of affecting us in not just an emotional sense but also our physical bodies. Because of its effects on the brain, our mental and physical functioning will change due to trauma. Although trauma can alter our

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Creating Heart Space After Emotional Strain

After you’ve left the emotional strain of an abusive relationship, you may walk away with a fragile heart scarred from the deep emotional agony of the relationship. Many, out of protection, close their hearts off and may also feel scared,

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Why You Need to Know About Limbic Trauma Loops

limbic trauma loops

When we experience trauma in our lives, we might begin to experience anxiety or PTSD afterward, but why does this happen? Is there a physical component to it, or is it all psychologically driven? Understanding what the limbic system is and what

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How Might Sleep and Trauma Be Related?

woman awake in bed

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is “a disorder that develops in some people who have experiencing a shocking, scary, or dangerous event.” It’s very natural to feel afraid during a traumatic event, but some people carry those feelings over time, manifesting

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Your Trauma Doesn’t Define You

woman leaning on rock wall

“Instead, it’s transformative. The trauma becomes a dividing line in survivor’s lives. They are different after the event. Sometimes that change is negative – the post-traumatic stress symptoms that have received so much attention. But the change doesn’t end there.

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The Effects of Trauma

woman with blurred images of self behind her

Whether as a child or during adulthood, traumatic events in our lives can make the present and future seem distant, hopeless, frightening, and more. These events sometimes define who we are for the rest of our lives, or at least

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