How Alcohol Abuse And Addiction Affects Your Life

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While the occasional drink causes very few physical and psychological effects, prolonged use of alcohol can have many negative effects throughout your life. Alcohol abuse and addiction affects you both physically and psychologically. It can also affect the people you care most about.

Negative Effects Of Alcohol Abuse And Addiction

There are several negative effects caused by alcohol abuse and addiction including:

Damage To Vital Organs

Frequent use of alcohol can cause damage to vital organs. The most important risk is to your heart. Alcohol can cause your blood vessels to dilate which affects your blood pressure and leads to a greater risk of congestive heart failure.

Another vital organ that is affected by frequent alcohol use is your liver. Prolonged use of alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver. This can increase the risk of liver cancer.

A third organ that is negatively affected by prolonged use of alcohol is the stomach. Alcoholic beverages slowly erode the stomach lining. The result of this erosion is bleeding ulcers.

Mental Health Effects

In addition to the many physical health effects of alcohol abuse and addiction, there are many ways that alcohol can affect you psychologically. The most prevalent psychological effect is changes in your behavior. This may include avoiding people you used to be friends with, hanging out with new people, or bursts of anger and aggression.

Another effect of alcohol addiction may also be the cause. Depression often leads people to drink as a way to numb their feelings. Unfortunately, once the effects of the alcohol have worn off you may find yourself deeper in depression. This is because alcohol is a depressive substance. As you sink further into your depression, you can also fall deeper into your addiction.

Family Life

Alcohol addiction has a tendency to take over every aspect of your life. The more you consume the higher your tolerance becomes. As your tolerance increases, you will continue to seek the euphoric feeling alcohol gives you.

You may begin to spend large amount of money on alcohol, leaving your family in financial crisis. Once your addiction reaches a certain level, your career and family activities are affected. This may cause a rift in your family that is not easily repaired.

Proper Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, it is important to seek treatment for your addiction. Our facility provides a personalized treatment plan that includes counseling, detoxification, behavioral therapy and mental health care as well as family therapy for those who need it.

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