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Living With a Functioning Alcoholic

Living With a Functioning Alcoholic

A functioning alcoholic is a person who does not match the classic image that usually comes to mind when thinking of alcoholism. Learning how to identify this person in your family can clarify when it is time to get help Read More ›

Preparing for a Sober Holiday

person pouring lemonade to boy during family dinner outdoors

December brings plenty of opportunity for festivities, with the myriad of holidays leading up to the New Year all birthing traditions and gatherings with friends and family. Taking time to enjoy events throughout the season is a great opportunity to Read More ›

Cultivating the Art of Self-Compassion

Art of Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is intricately connected to our sense of individual well-being. It is essential in learning how to care for and understand ourselves — rather than remaining judgemental and highly critical. Self-compassion is the medicine that allows us to create a Read More ›

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