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How to Find Your Perfect Self

Before you strive for perfection, forget perfect. Drop your baggage, leave self-defeating thoughts or people behind, and ready yourself for healing.    Perfection in Imperfection   Okay, perfection in imperfection seems to contradict itself. However, it is in your imperfection

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Find Your Way of Giving Back

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Recovery is a lifelong journey that involves many people and services, from dedicated supports and established recovery programs to interconnected peers working towards their own sober goals. Moving through each phase of recovery is a test on its own, and

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Navigating the Raw Emotions of Early Recovery

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Rehabilitation programs do an excellent job of orienting you to a daily routine that keeps you accountable for your commitment to substance abuse recovery. After you’ve left the comfort and safety of a facility, finding a new routine is one

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What does it Mean to Have a Healthy Self-Esteem?

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Self-esteem is the overall opinion that you have of yourself and your abilities. If you have a healthy self-esteem, you feel good about yourself and feel worthy of respect from others. If you have a low self-esteem, you place little

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Your Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Sobriety

valentines day meal

Valentine’s Day is known for flowers, chocolates, romance, cards, champagne, and more. However, those without a significant other may feel strong emotions on Valentine’s Day due to the expectation that you should have someone special on that day and if

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