How to Find Your Perfect Self

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Before you strive for perfection, forget perfect. Drop your baggage, leave self-defeating thoughts or people behind, and ready yourself for healing. 


Perfection in Imperfection


Okay, perfection in imperfection seems to contradict itself. However, it is in your imperfection you will find perfection. 


Your perceived flaws or weakness don’t define you. Your imperfections are your strengths. From those perceived flaws, you find the motivation to grow. For example, those with a mental health disorder or a substance addiction may think they are flawed because they have these issues. However, a mental health disorder or a substance addiction isn’t what you are; they are things.


You can discover the difference between thinking you are something versus dealing with something through a mental health or substance addiction treatment program. 


Finding Yourself


There are times when you will feel challenged to accept chaos, expectations of others, and perceived ideals. Finally, you can acknowledge how you feel. Allow yourself to let in and process the depth of your feelings, then let go of them. You are in charge of your life and what brings you joy. 


Find joy in letting go. Ask yourself what or who decreases your happiness or self-esteem. Perhaps, you need guidance in discovering how to assess outside influences that affect your feelings about yourself. Mental health therapy is an excellent way to discover and heal


Mental health therapy and holistic therapies create an atmosphere of comfort in exploring new coping skills. Through comprehensive care, your therapist works with you to devise how to re-align your needs with your environment. You can formulate a plan to move towards self-love while leaving judgment behind.


Leave Judgment Behind


Judgment is what stops you from building your self-confidence. Sometimes your judgment stems from how others treat or see you. Learning to let go of their harmful opinions is paramount. While leaving those opinions can mean cutting ties with certain people, acknowledging your self-esteem is more important than toxic relationships.


Toxic relationships extend beyond the relationships you have with others. The relationship you have with yourself is also where harmful opinions can form. You can change how you talk to yourself. Talk with your therapist about releasing yourself from self-defeating thoughts. Find ways to replace negative words with words of love and support. 


Therapy is where you learn how to move from self-defeating people, environments, or thoughts. Then, finally, you have the power to start new. Perfection is finding strength in who you are without the weight of judgment. 


The weight of toxic relationships, including the one you have with yourself, is an imperfection. Before you wonder how this makes you perfect, think about how strong you are when you challenge yourself to want more. Your belief in yourself, the strength you have to seek therapy, is your perfection. Through treatment to address your needs and build upon your strengths, you will let go of harm. When you connect with us at Avalon Malibu, you take the first step towards building your self-esteem. To begin your journey of healing, call Avalon Malibu at (844) 857-5992.

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