Are You Feeling Held Back In Your Happiness? 3 Ways You Might Be Interfering

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Recovery doesn’t mean being happy all the time. However, the tools of recovery teach us how to mindfully notice when we slide a little too far down the unhappiness scale. Here are three common ways you might interfere with your ability to be happier in everyday life.

You Use Social Media Too Often

Remember that world outside full of sunshine and animals, where there are clouds and trees? If you only saw a picture of it recently in your social media news feed, chances are you use social media too often. Numerous studies have linked poor mental health, higher rates of depression, low self-esteem, and poor body image to excessive social media use. When social media starts getting you down instead of lifting you up, it is time to take a break. Shake off the FOMO, the fear of missing out, by getting out and doing something. If you are using social media to numb or avoid feelings, putting down your screen could be causing you anxiety. For your mental health recovery, it is critically important to reach out to someone in a real conversation either in person or on the phone, and talk about what you are experiencing.

You Haven’t Been Exercising

Exercises causes a production of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and other happy chemicals or hormones which can elevate your mood. Mental health disorder recovery planning always includes making time for exercise. You don’t need a rigorous workout routine to make it ‘exercise’. All you need is some constant movement for a period of the day. 20 to 30 minutes of walking, running, dancing, or other movement will help you sleep better, have more energy, and shake off an emotional stagnation. In addition, you’ll be inspired to exercise more often, eat healthier, and drink more water. Just a little bit of exercise a day will quickly build up to a full routine and change in lifestyle.

You Aren’t Managing Your Stress

Recovery is largely about stress management. Learning to manage mental stress, physical stress, spiritual stress, and life stress is the difference between being weighed down in life or living freely. Stress of any kind can cause a regression into old symptoms of behavior, which indicate that you’re having a hard time coping. Getting caught up in stress is normal from time to time because recovery is about progress, not perfection. However, prolonged periods of stress can cause more discomfort than is necessary. It’s okay when that happens. Mindfully notice your stress level and become aware of the areas you are lacking in stress management. You might be lagging in your recovery program and doing what you need to be in good mental health. Ask for help, talk with your therapist, and use your tools of recovery to create a plan for reducing stress.

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