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What is substance abuse and substance addiction?

Substance abuse addiction is a common term that refers to individuals who suffer from an addiction to some form of drugs and/or alcohol. This can include both illegal ‚Äústreet drugs” (such as heroin and meth as well as prescription drugs (such as anti-depressants and pain killers).

Some people are able to use drugs recreationally without ever becoming addicted. However, for many others, drug use leads to abuse, often followed by dependency on or addiction to the chemical. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes the individual to compulsively seek out and use the drug they are addicted to. Although the initial choice to try drugs is voluntary, once the brain changes and the addiction takes hold, the individual’s self-control is diminished and it can become impossible to resist the intense urge to take the drug.

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Substance Abuse Treatment & Center

The good news is that substance abuse and drug or alcohol addiction is treatable. The type of treatment needed to overcome the addiction is very specific to the individual. Because abuse and addiction range so widely and are so specific to the individual, a custom treatment program should always be developed.

At Avalon Malibu we offer a wide range of substance abuse and addiction treatment programs to cater the specific needs of each individual. Our drug and alcohol center is equipped to treat any addiction through detox, inpatient residential treatment, partial hospitalization (or day treatment), as well as intensive outpatient programs.

Our holistic approach is integrated into all of our drug and alcohol rehab programs, alongside other evidence based principles and modalities.

The disease of Substance Abuse and Drug and Alcohol Addiction is VERY real. Fortunately, help for addiction is available. We are here to help.
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