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What if Addiction Were a Doorway to Freedom?

A doorway to living the life of peace, purpose, and love that we all aspire to, but few actually realize?

The process of self-realization comes through healing. As the layers of fear and negativity that obscure the light of your core are removed, your natural essence of compassion, wisdom, and creativity are uncovered.

As negativity and doubt are transformed, the physical body often heals as well. We invite you to allow our outstanding professional team to guide you through discovering your way to a more fulfilling life. Our team can assist you in breaking through old patterns, shedding beliefs that no longer serve you, and healing past traumas in a clinically supervised haven overlooking the sea – a magnificent, natural, rejuvenating environment.

Substance abuse and dependence is often a symptom of emotional pain, a lifestyle choice that no longer benefits you once the underlying issues are healed. Avalon Malibu is a place where you can come home to that larger relationship and experience authentic spiritual growth in the company of staff whose service to you, and whose profound wish for your freedom and happiness, is part of their own spiritual growth.

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