Dealing With Health Anxiety

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Dealing With Health Anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety. If you experience symptoms of an anxiety disorder, consider doing some research to understand what type of anxiety you have. It’s always easier to get proper treatment when you understand your condition better. One unique kind of anxiety is health anxiety. This condition can make life difficult, especially when it comes to your well-being and treatment.

Understanding Health Anxiety

Health anxiety is more than just fear of having a medical condition. It is overwhelming anxiousness centered around health issues. Individuals with health anxiety often report that it overtakes their life and dominates their thoughts.

It can be difficult to go through your daily routine when you have health anxiety. You may spend a substantial amount of time worrying about getting sick or already feeling sick. With health anxiety, actually being ill can cause an overwhelming amount of stress.


All kinds of anxiety have some symptoms in common, like increased heart rate and shallow breathing. However, since there are many kinds of anxiety, each has its own unique set of symptoms. Possible signs of health anxiety include:

  • Obsessive thoughts about getting sick
  • Worry that a doctor was wrong
  • Obsessively researching health information
  • Asking people if you look ill
  • Blowing symptoms out of proportion
  • Self-diagnosing

If you notice some of the symptoms above, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have health anxiety. However, if you do have this condition, there are coping strategies you can use. For example, journaling and keeping track of obsessive thoughts can be helpful. 

Another coping strategy is identifying the root cause of your health anxiety. People often do this with talk therapy, but you can try it on your own. Addressing the causes behind your anxiety can prevent it in the future and help you gain a deeper understanding of your mental health.

Overcoming Health Anxiety at Avalon Malibu

We offer health anxiety treatment at Avalon Malibu. Our services range widely, and we have extensive experience helping individuals work through all kinds of anxiety. The staff at Avalon Malibu have comprehensive training and understand the unique challenges that health anxiety can present. You can find healing and relief here.

If you’re experiencing health anxiety, you’re not alone. There are many different treatment options for anxiety disorders. However, it can be hard to know which one is the right choice for you, especially if you have health anxiety. You don’t have to struggle with your mental health anymore, especially when it comes to worrying about your physical health. To learn more about Avalon Malibu and the services that we offer for health anxiety treatment, give us a call at (844) 857-5992.

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