Letting Go Of Self And Learning To Depend On God In Step 3 Of The 12 Steps

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Learn to Let go

The 12 step program is a successful program created to help individuals overcome their alcohol addiction. It has been successfully adapted for use in the treatment of a variety of addictions.

The first two steps of the program require you to admit that you have a problem and that you are unable to solve it on your own. You also learn how step 2 can lift you up in faith.

Step 3 Of The 12 Step Program

Step three of this program requires you to turn your life over to a Higher Power such as God. This step is the beginning of rebuilding your life for the future.

Turning Over Your Self-Will

Throughout your life and your addiction, you have relied on your own wants, needs, and choices. These decisions have led you down a path of destruction. Step 3 allows you to hand your life over to God and allows Him to guide you through the remainder of your recovery. This step may seem difficult but many people before you have felt the same way and gone on to successfully complete the 12-step program and live successful sober lives. The key to completing this step is entering it with an open mind and a hopefulness for your future.

Learning To Depend On God

Many people feel that the word “dependence” is a bad term especially when overcoming addiction. However, it is important that you have a strong support system throughout your recovery. Your strongest and most constant support system will be God. He will guide you through the journey of recovery and hold you up in moments of weakness. Many people may join into church activities while building their faith throughout the 12-step program. These activities help to strengthen their relationship with God and allow them to build the rest of their support system.

12 Step Treatment Program – Holistic Treatment Plan

We here at Avalon Malibu have incorporated the 12 step program into our treatment programs as a part of our holistic treatment plan. This program is designed to help heal the soul and rebuild faith throughout the recovery process.

In addition to this program, you will participate in holistic therapies, individual and group counseling as well as learn relaxation techniques that can be used throughout the program and long after. By treating the entire person: mind, body, and spirit, we strive for complete healing and for the prevention of future relapse!

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