What Is Bi-Polar Disorder And Is There Hope For Recovery?

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One of the primary causes of addiction is an underlying mental health disorder. While there are a variety of mental health conditions that can lead to addiction, bipolar is one of the most common.

Bi-Polar Disorder Types

There are two types of bipolar disorders and each has their own signs and effects on those suffering from the disorder. Knowing the signs of bipolar disorder can help you to seek treatment quickly.

  1. Bi-polar Disorder I
  2. Bi-polar Disorder I is what many people refer to as manic-depressive disorder. The signs are sever mood swings that go from depression to mania with little or no warning. You may notice that you have periods with low energy, crying, and weight gain or loss followed by periods of racing thoughts, excess energy, and sleeplessness.

    These swings can leave you struggling to find a balance and may lead to the use of alcohol or other illicit drugs to help control the swings. Many people suffering from bipolar disorder I use a variety of substances depending on whether they are on an up or down swing at the time.

  3. Bi-polar Disorder II
  4. This form of bipolar disorder is less severe than type I. While you may notice mood swings, the highs never reach the level of complete mania. People who suffer with bipolar disorder II are likely to suffer from depression that can sometimes be severe. The elevated moods in type II are called hypomanic episodes. Hypomanic episodes differ from manic episodes in that there are no psychotic symptoms and the behaviors tend to be less destructive.

    Patients suffering from this condition often feel that their symptoms are normal for them and may fail to seek treatment.

Bi-Polar Disorder Treatment

If you believe you are suffering from a form of bipolar disorder, we are here to help. Whether you are suffering from a dual diagnosis (mental illness with an addiction), or simply wish to discover a new way of life, free from the pain and heaviness of mental illness, we can help you achieve your goal with our customized bipolar disorder treatment. We provide a safe and secure environment that allows patients to relax and focus on their own well being and recovery.

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