Step 2 Of The 12 Step Program Can Lift You Up In Faith

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Suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can leave even the strongest person feeling hopeless and helpless. In step 1 of the 12 step program you discover the importance of admittance and realization that you cannot overcome addiction on your own. If you are walking in this journey, it is important to know that you are never alone.

In addition to the many people who have walked this road before you, there is a higher power that will help guide you in your recovery. Step 2 is designed to restore your hope and faith in God.

Finding Your Higher Power

Step 2 of the 12-step program focuses on seeking out God for support in your journey to recovery. If you have never known God or feel that He may be too disappointed in you to help, step 2 is one of the most important steps for your individual recovery. It is important to know that God is a tender, loving, and forgiving God. Turning your life over to Him will lead you down a path that does not include addiction or rebellion and features complete forgiveness for past wrongs.

Wake Up In Faith

While in the throes of addiction, it may be hard to have faith in anything. Friends and family may turn their back due to your addiction. Once you have reached step 2 of this program, you will be able to reawaken your faith in God, yourself, and others. You can reawaken your faith by attending our group meetings, reading the scripture, and praying. Once you have found your saving grace, it is time to put your faith in action.

Faith In Action

Once you have renewed your faith in God, it is time to put that faith into action. In the beginning, you will find yourself inspired by the testimonials of those who have walked this road before you. Once you have renewed your own faith in the Lord, you will be able to inspire others around you. Attending meetings, studying the scripture and utilizing the tools we teach during your classes are great ways to grow in your faith.

Many of us have grown up with a faith in God and perhaps attended church with our families. Even if you didn’t, becoming involved in your local church will help you to grow in your faith and continue to act upon it.

Individualized Care

Here at Avalon Malibu, we make sure that in our 12 Step Program and all of our treatment programs, to focus on each of our client’s individual needs and goals, by creating a customized treatment plan. You will be treated with the respect and care that you deserve.

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