The importance of Step 4 in recovery.

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Step 4 of the twelve steps involves making a fearless and moral inventory of ourselves.  Sounds simple enough. However, Step 4 asks the recovering addict or alcoholic to take a hard look at themselves and their addiction.  Many do not want to do this, at least not right away.  In recovery, one needs to take this deep dive into themselves as it is the way to understand the addiction and prepare for a new life without drugs or alcohol.  The important thing to remember about Step 4 is it is as individual as the person in recovery.  Not all people will view Step 4 the same way nor will all people complete this step the same way.  For your recovery, find your own way to complete this step and make it work for you

Fearless means without fear.  In looking at ourselves during recovery, we may uncover truths about ourselves and the people our addiction affected.  We might not like what we uncover.  It takes courage to do this, as one can think about all the negative things they did or said when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  The importance of a fearless inventory means that you are honest in spite of all the negativity surrounding your addiction.  A fearless inventory can also mean that you find the strength to move forward.  You may be able to work out the pain you caused others and work through it.  You can embrace the negativity and give it purpose.  Many addicts or alcoholics discover that they have a lot of good qualities, which were hidden by the addiction.  Taking a fearless inventory means that you will look at yourself before the addiction, during the addiction, and what you can gain from staying sober.

Morality has to do with knowing the difference between good and bad behavior and acting accordingly.  In completing a moral inventory, one might focus on the bad decisions they made while abusing drugs or alcohol.  In order to work through this, taking an inventory of the people hurt or affected by drug or alcohol abuse can help recovery.  Not only will you address those hurt in Step 4 but you will also take a moral inventory of who you are as a person.  It is a good idea to note all the qualities that make you who you are, good or bad.  This will help with knowing who you are and what needs work during recovery and what is okay and needs reinforcement.


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