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5 Simple Healthy Habits

Are you engaging in these simple habits for health and wellbeing every day? There are so many healthy habits that support our recoveries and overall wellbeing that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do we begin? How do we know

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Healthy Habits in Recovery

Healthy habits are always important, especially in recovery. When we begin our recovery journeys, our lives drastically change. Even when we’re immersing ourselves in meetings and therapy, it can feel as if we need more of an anchor — something

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Owning Your Story

This is a look into the importance of defining yourself, owning your narrative, and getting empowered. Humans are meaning-makers. We find meaning in everything, whether it’s a novel, a scenic view, or a troubling experience such as the death of

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Running and Recovery

Can jogging help your recovery? Running is most known for its endurance-enhancing effects and the ability to produce mood-boosting endorphins. But can running help us with our recoveries? Exercise, in general, is great for both the mind and the body.

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How to Know Your Life Purpose

The importance of finding meaning in your life through your values and vision. Throughout life, and especially in recovery, it’s common to ask questions about our life’s meaning and purpose. You might find yourself wondering why you’re here, where you’re

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